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Sunday Column (87)

Now this week passed quickly again. Mainly of course because I was off on Friday. If you can call it being off, as I sat at home watching the boy whilst sorting out some business, and my wife doing some DIY. I love this kind of sharing arrangement.

It was a good week. Whilst unfortunately some meetings had to be cancelled, one happened in a lovely restaurant in Fitzrovia, the Roka on Charlotte Street. Not only did they serve great Sushi but tender beef, pork, fish etc. One of the most amazing places I have been out to eat for a long time.

You must have read by now what my thoughts are on Colin. There are weeks I cannot get enough cuddles from the wee man, and would love to spend more time with him. But someone has to be the bread winner I guess. What I cannot believe at the moment is that this year has passed so quickly. I mentioned that last week already, but 2 more months to go until Christmas. And in 3 months, we will have to start the process of bringing up a child all over again. I can tell you that I am much more looking forward to it this time! Guess it is because I kind of know what expects me (I think anyway…).

The guy who laid our kitchen floor tiles came back to grout the tiles again. However, just after one day, the grout has holes in it again. The shit quality this person is delivering starts to really annoy me. I should have not paid him. He keeps coming back, apologizing and whilst he genuinely is a nice guy, the work he did – uneven tiles in the kitchen and bad grouting – just stinks. I don’t want to pay someone to do a shit job. So I called him again and maybe he should just do it all over again. He offered, and maybe that is what needs to be done. Whilst I could live with uneven tiles (they are acceptable although they shouldn’t be), I cannot live with grout which I think won’t last. Enough of a rant. He did the grouting again on Friday for the 4th time, and now I hope this is the end of it.

Anyhow, we managed to paint bits and pieces, including 2 walls in the kids’ room, then Jen did the butterfly from the hungry caterpillar book, and the loo door too. I sealed off the window in the kitchen, and tried to fix some doors. Fun all around. A DIY GTD weekend πŸ™‚

Alrighty, have a fantastic week.

Sunday Column (56)

Another week full of virus or flu or bug – I am getting seriously fed up. I just hope it gets better, but hey – it can’t get worse. Really, just today I noticed that I got better. I still feel weak, and all the DIY over the weekend didn’t help, but it needed to be done.

It was a busy week on top of it. But it was good busy if that makes sense.

One of the highlights was me speaking at an event from King’s College London on Online Reputation Management. Presentation below.

I really enjoy speaking and engaging with students and sharing my knowledge with them. And, according to the feedback, they did too! One of my aims is to work part time as a lecturer for digital marketing, or a running a course on inbound marketing. Something along those lines would be great! That would be, if I had the time of course πŸ™‚

The other, and main highlight is Colin: my wee man is now properly moving forward and gets better by the day. He was poorly too but recovered now. Did I mention he spewed on his new car seat and in the new car. Never mind…..

It is a joy to see him growing up and my wife is documenting every move with her camera, which is even better. If we are friends on Facebook or you do receive our updates, then you know what I mean. He is VERY cute (although I totally understand me being biased πŸ˜‰ ).

I am trying to work out a new schedule too – on the one hand I have more work, and that will lead me to stay in the office longer hours than before. However, on the other hand, I would like to spend more time with Colin. A dilemma that is not too easy to be solved. One way I believe is to go home early and then do more work once he has gone to bed. An alternative is to see him in the morning and possibly not going in until 9:30 but not to see him at night. I am still debating, and whenever you ask someone experienced, the answer is “see him in the morning because you never know when you get home”. Guess they are right.

Guess this is enough for another Sunday. I am feeling, as mentioned, much better, and hopefully I will be back to normal within the next few days. I have a busy week ahead, and I am looking forward to it!

Have a good one too,

another week- am I German?

Another week. I almost feel back in my old job with our weekly report.

This week I was up in our HQ in York for two days and had 3 extreme busy days in the office. Even better my Saturday will be spent going to a vineyard in Kent. So do not expect any blurb later today πŸ™‚

Just wanted to say, being on Facebook and all, you see all these status messages about what people are up to. Some of my friends were at the Next08 in Hamburg. I was at the Next07 in Berlin last year and really enjoyed it. Good conference, good blurb in the industry. Now, being away from the German Online Market a bit, it seems so distant.

That brings me to what I wanted to write about. Last night a girl from Latvia (?) asked me whether I like driving fast, referring to the Autobahn. And, I did not have anything to say about it. I look at the German market and feel very distant.

I think I slowly but surely break my ties with the country I was born in. No question that I am German and surely it comes out in a lot of things I am doing, attitude wise, however, I am not sure if I ever want to go back there. Every time I am back I enjoy being there but living there, I really do not know.

With us buying a house in London, being in London, flying out of London, settling here, there is no need to do that either, is there? My home will be Germany, because that is where I was born. But my chosen home is England, Scotland really, but I cannot see myself living anywhere else but the UK at the moment.

Then again, I saw CSI New York last night and the pictures from New Zealand and……

Have a good weekend, Volker Ballueder