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Sunday Column (300)

Three hundred Sunday Columns! Amazing. Almost 4 years. And I get more and more committed readers. Thanks for the support and kudus over the years. I keep on going, maybe stop with column 2,000 – around the age of 70. But who knows if blogs still exists by then, or the Internet. A life’s work by then. Tomorrow I am off for my last trip of the year. In the first half of the year I spent 22 nights away and had about a return flight within Europe every other week. Yet the 2nd half of the year seemed a lot busier. That’s because I spent two full weeks away, did a longer flight to Turkey, but overall actually had less flights. But the run up to Christmas only seems busier as it starts around September but then it is full on from there. More work in less time. Never mind. I believe travel also helps to get away and clear one’s mind a bit. Whilst the separation from the family isn’t nice, the coming home is fantastic. The balance is key as so often. My week has been very productive and I created lots of new content over at

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Sunday Column (184)

What a week. You ever took a week off and came back to too many emails? Every time? Yupp, that happened to me on Monday night/Tuesday morning. But I managed and by Wednesday I was back on top of things. Monday: a safe return from Germany. We spend the day in the Opel Zoo in Frankfurt with Oma and Opa. A really nice, sunny day and the kids loved to be with the Grosseltern. I wrote about my Lufthansa experience already, so no need to reiterate. Tuesday. First day back and catching up. Wednesday: I worked from home. In the morning we got a new loft insulation. The grants for doing so that the government is giving out expire at the end of September, so we were lucky. Another thing done of our todo list. The thermostatic valves and new water tank should be installed shortly to make sure we are good to go for the winter. Now working from home meant a lot of calls. I spend most of the day on the phone, from 8:30 to 7 pm. Long days and I seem to be working more at home and getting more done than in the office. I

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