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Sunday Column (233)

Thank you. Thank you first of all for your compliments and the visits and comments on my post about the job hunt. A lot of people felt for me, had similar experience, and were astonished how open and honest I was describing my feelings and experiences. It could happen to you. Why not talk about it? Thank you for your support. All of you! I am humbled. When I started this blog, I wanted to write about productivity and coaching. I tried different topics but ended up writing about me, my life and my feelings. I am happy it resonates with you. I am happy that you are finding it useful. This means a lot to me! This week saw me returning to work. Start-up. Technology. Media. Lots to do, prioritisation, focus and energy needed. I got it. Making it back to my 5 am exercise routine, my Rotary meetings and new projects. The company is called Adizio. The first week felt like I have been there for ages already. Just imagine me in a few months 😉 Also there is a book I read about personal development: What got you here won’t get you there. Last but not least

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Productivity Of Life – Book Launch

Today I launched my book. This of course is very exciting. Whilst I publish my blog for many years, putting a book together, going through the process of doing so, and putting it in the public domain is quite a scary yet exciting and pleasing process. I have done it. Now I hope you will enjoy my book which I called “Productivity Of Life“. The links go to the UK and US site of Amazon. You should be able to search for the title in your country’s Amazon Kindle shop and find it. If not, please give me a shout! I had the idea in my head for a long time and was hoping to launch it sooner. The formatting was a bit complicated as I originally wrote it with Google Documents and then formatted it via Microsoft Word (I recommend you read the Kindle guidelines before attempting similar). For now I will leave it as an eBook. Also I was wondering how I would price it. So I went for the minimum really to give it a value and to not give it away for free. And I do believe this book can add value to your life. However

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Getting Things done

I notice that more and more people contact me about what I write here. So I would encourage you all to leave a comment too and of course, please link to my site. Getting Things done is the title of a new book I started reading this week. I have read many management books and many time management books. cb consulting offers time management seminars also. So there are really two reasons for me reading this book. a) David Allen suggests that the old time management techniques like A/B/C prioritising and planning methods are a little out of date. Therefore for me offering trainings I like to offer the most valid way of an effective time management training. b) as part of my “new life” I need to find a way to deal with hundreds of emails, unexpected work loads, processing information and Getting Things Done! So ultimately it offers me hands-on support in my daily job. Whilst job is defined as any kind of work you carry out, e.g. DIY, gardening etc. (definition by Allen). I try to keep you up to speed whilst I read this book. Most interesting in the beginning is the theory of the pebble

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