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A new URL, a new name, a new project!

Shortly, Marcelo and I, wil launch http://www.balamadana.com/ – a site that explains a little bit about Buddhism, Management, Personal Development. It is similar to cb consulting, www.cb-consulting.co.uk, a more Buddhism focused project.

Our blog will be on blog.balamadana.com

The beauty is that Marcelo is living and working in Brazil whilst I am still in London – Our path crossed a few months back and now we go a path together. Both working hard but we decided to bring joy and help to our friends out there by giving tips, hints and love!

In Buddhism we have “bala madana” which is part of a ceremony for those who have tantric empowerment and they are always together. That is how Marcelo introduced me to the name.

That means in a general sense: “body and soul”, bliss and emptyness, union of sutra and tantra.

For me, that name which reminds us of our names, symbolizes two souls for one idea.

Stay tuned – we will shortly launch www.balamadana.com officially.

new week, new clients – new decisions

I do not believe it is another week. Besides a very busy day at work, I met with a “client” for Career Coaching tonight.

The goal setting process combined with a good NLP technique and the Buddhist view in combination with gut feeling – how do you do that?

You start analytically and write down the pros and cons of the existing and the new job. Purely to find out what your clients likes, dislikes, what scares her/him. S/he gives so much away by talking about it and by using certain terms.

Then you start the goal setting process, stepping stones and the approach of “if you had already achieved what you aim to achieve in this lifetime, how would you have got there“? By internally going where you would like to be in order to look back as if you had lived through your decision already, helps you to get a different perspective on it. Try going backwards on the different timeline, going via stepping stones you set before? Ever tried?

You then have the choice of deepen the “what did you achieve” question with some “how did you achieve it” and “why did you achieve it”. Get some more NLP in there by using different aspects of the decision making process, e.g. use similar terms and digg deep on the reasoning on how someone would have achieved something.

I like to bring in some Buddhist thoughts. The path does not matter as it all has been defined before……but that is an entry in itself I believe!

Then break up with the exercise, take a deep breath and go back to your analytics pros and cons sheet in order to start analytics, a decision matrix, and evaluate the whole situation. Mix it a bit with gut feeling and you will hopefully either see a result or a strong tendency on what the client really would like to do. S/he will see it her/himself, no doubt….

Job done.

Sounds like a recipe, not as easy to follow without experience but surely something for everyone to pick up on.

Leave your comments on how you last made up your mind about a difficult decision!

Hopefully speak soon,

Yours Volker Ballueder

title bar


I often get asked what that picture on the top means and where it is coming from.
My wife and I were on honeymoon in Thailand, Chiang Mai, where at the end of the day this Buddhist monk walked in front of a grave yard, next to a massive temple. I took this picture and absolutely loved it.

Since cb consulting does offer spiritual consulting and holistic views on businesses, I decided to put that picture up. Also, it reminds me daily of my wish to expand my view on myself and others in a Buddhist way. original Monk

Islands again

I think I will enclose a chapter in my essay about islands. A dear friend of mine met me on Tuesday night and it was good speaking to him. He knows all about Buddhism and suggested, after me speaking about the islands, the following:

Volker, I think you should stay on the island where you feel happy and let other people come to your island too. Develop yourself from input from others, build bridges and network. That would increase your personal development and you increase the cross-fertilization with others.

I like that idea. Why do I always have to go back into the water? Always striving to find something new. I should settle down and relax. Now got a house ,-)

The idea of sitting there and looking inside myself and enhancing performance from within, that appeals to me. I will start working on that soon.