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Sunday Column (346)

Starting the week with a day trip, whether to Paris or anywhere really, sets you up for the week. A little bit like a 5am routine for the day, a day trip to Europe is for your week. You feel energised and ready to take on the world. It is that feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of achievement. That’s why I enjoy doing what I am doing. That’s why I enjoy productivity, sales and leadership. Because you know you are the one moving the needle.

Of course, given it was a 15 hour day, it was tiring too 🙂 Yet it was a successful trip, and it is what I enjoy really.

So the rest of the week flew past. No punt intended. I noticed my 12K from the weekend, some early training for my Dawn Wall (see last week for context) exhausted me a bit more than anticipated. However, and this isn’t a moan about the man flu, but there are a few bugs going around. So far I have avoided to be off work or feel bad, but something seems to be lingering around for a few weeks. I am certain it all comes out, literally, given recent stories at school, when we break for half term tomorrow. Yet, with some more nice weather on the way, I am eager to do more training outside. Just difficult at 5 am as it is a bit dark still, so my 7.5K on Thursday on the treadmill was a pleasant ‘walk in the park’. Again, a feeling of achievement to be able to do your run first thing.

Another mile stone this week was our 8 year anniversary. Sometimes hard to believe that you can spend over 10 beautiful years together with as little fights as my wife and I have. Who would have guessed anyone would ever be able to cope with me for such a long period of time 😉 I guess that makes her extra special. My wife is a very special person and we have experienced so much together, ups and downs, yet it has been a wonderful time so far. And I am more than certain there are many more years to come. I love you Jenny.


On that note, one sometimes wonders if there is a higher force that sorts out your partner. We know people come into your life for a reason and people leave it for a reason, I mean not dying but entering your life, you learn/laugh/chat together, then they disappear forever. Some stay and some are your life time partner. Is that all down to chance? Why do some never find a perfect match?

I guess this is a philosophical question, similar to who do you meet at university and where do you find your first job. This can determine your whole career and 50 years ahead. The small things in life, the piece of chance, luck or destiny that shape your life. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Let’s not get sentimental…yet the picture above shows our new family partner. We picked him up on Friday – not really a replacement for Rosie, and it never can be, but my wife always had cats, and the last cat we had to re-home because of the dog. I am sure he will settle in fine, and the kids will love him.

The end of the week marked the start of half term. I was actually off from Friday! The kids needing the time off. So do I to be honest. It has been a long time since my last break with lots of changes since. So just before we really hit Q4 I am taking a week off. My parents arrived with lots of wine, filling up the shelves. Plus it gave us an opportunity, my wife and I, to celebrate mentioned anniversary. They are staying for a few days which gives the kids and us a great chance to spend some quality family time together.

As I grow older family time becomes more important. Not that work becomes less important, it is more that other things take priority. I am still working on my career, probably always will, but being able to see my kid’s harvest festival performance, being there when they need someone to talk to or just reading about the ‘burgling cat’ before going to work. Those precious moments are never there to return.

That is life. And I really loving it. I love to be in the middle of it, falling on my back, like a dog in the mud, and really enjoy life for the reason of love and friendships.

Buddha bless,

garden and veggie update

As promised the garden and veggie update with a picture gallery:

Let me know what you think,

German Engineering – or how to potty train a cat

Our cats are now almost 6 months. Gretel has been sterilized and therefore, they are outside quite a lot. However, they still have not been going outside to the loo.

It was definitely going to be too much, so on Saturday I decided to take the litter tray outside. When the cats went to their usual place in the house looking for the tray, we carried them outside. And, they both did their poo outside. Yippee!

Wow, what a progress.

Now, I was worried that it might rain. So I used my imagination and engineering skills (if you didn’t know, I have a mechanical engineering degree :-)) to build a poo tent.  My wife gave me some practical hints too. Maybe not quite a portaloo but surely something all other cats will envy our cats for, don’t you think. Let’s just hope the wind does not pick up.


German Engineering I guess, hehe.

Btw, have you seen the new matrix style Volkswagen Ad on TV?

why is my blog so quiet

…because our house is soo busy.

Kittens everywhere. We locked them in the spare bedroom for a few days but let them out last night – first time. Here are the shots from my phone, them playing about. Crazy cute things 🙂

We surely add more pictures soon to Picasa and Facebook. The ones below are taken with my camera, so apologies for the quality.

Our family is growing – update 1

After all the technical hype of last week, I am back at home for the weekend and keep busy with my family. As you know I am married, and as married life is, you start thinking about growing the family.

Update 1 I want to call this….

No, no kiddies yet but “kitties”. My wife and I decided, in order to get used to getting up at night, feeding at certain times of the day and to take on responsibility for small creatures, to grow the family by 1 or even 2 kittens. Latter depends on what we can find 🙂

So, yesterday we started with the essentials and went to Pets at Home.

What we got – and please let us know what we might still need. This is a first one for us:

And, what we are hoping to get are similar ones to those, as kittens of course:


I keep you posted. Hopefully we have them by next weekend!