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Rant: England and the Winter


I really need to have a rant about the English and the Winter. Often, people talk about England whilst meaning Britain. However, I have lived in Scotland for a few years and my wife is Scottish.

So this rant is really about the English and them not being able to cope with a few inches of snow. The trains are not working, the roads are not cleared of snow, emergency services have problems, no public transport, people cannot go to work, no alternative, people falling over and break their bones……

Not sure if I need to carry on. I don’t want to know how much it costs for us to pay for 1 day of economic standstill in a recession. Not everyone can work from home. I am sure that our train services will make up for it with increased train fares next year, won’t they? Or higher council tax?

Their website dies of too many people accessing their sites – are we living in the stone age? Would you not expect people to access the Internet and phone numbers to get information whether their trains are running.

Lets put Monday to rest. As Boris said, London was not prepared and doesn’t need to as it only happens every 18 years…..so if the recession only occurs every 10 years, we don’t need to prepare for that either, right? Or the sun exploding every 1,000,000 years?!

What about today. 1 day, 24 hours or 12 days after we knew there is this arctic weather coming – still no snow ploughs in the side street, icy public foot paths, and on top of that icy stairs at the train station.

Who pays for the people falling down those stairs? I slipped but luckily nothing happened. My wife being pregnant – my neighbour being 92 – who cares about them? The council who asks me for my council tax every month obviously doesn’t. I could just only pay my train fare every 18 days or my council tax every 18 months – would they like that? NO!

Enough of a rant. In Germany and Scotland the council would have been well prepared. Clear streets, working transport lines. The whole world looks at England’s snow chaos and laughs about it. How embarrassing.

Thanks for reading. I feel much better now and hope that tomorrow there is a full train service. They did have plenty of warning after all 🙂


snow chaos in London

Good morning.

It is a little early, e.g. just after 7 am on a Monday. Meetings scheduled from 8 am this morning and I am stuck at home.

Not too bad you might think. It is warm, espresso machine working, breakfast, cats keeping me company, but I cannot get the work done that is needed.

Why? Because the public transport system in London/England broke down due to snow. Is that normal?

For over a week they keep telling us that the Russian Arctic sends us cold chills and snow to Kent. For over a week they speak about SEVERE and EXTREME weather warnings. And, for over a week, they could have prepared for it.

Why am I surprised? Because, born in Germany married to a Scottish lassie, we don’t understand that a few inches of snow bring the whole London transport system to a halt. All tube lines that have overground tracks are partly suspended and my trains from Kent are not running at all. Websites are not available, and phone numbers experience high amount of calls.

I believe for me, the worst thing is that there is nothing you can do but wait. Being a bit impatient by nature, maybe a good way to learn patience. However, the meeting at 8 will most probably be canceled. Who knows where everyone else is anyway.

Besides, whilst having a rant, SouthEastern which is my rail service provider, is having a monopoly in the South East. What I mean by that is that there are no alternatives. No buses that are running and no other train services. So no choice, really?!

I keep you posted, watch my twitter update.

7 am weather with path digged for the kittens to go to the loo!
7 am weather with path digged for the kittens to go to the loo!