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Living in a new world – Days at home (58)

Hump Day, and you know what….I just realised it is half term next week.
That means, that this week is my last week of daily blogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the writing and still do, actually one of my key strengths is writing. That would explain why I have written two books so far 🙂 But seriously, what turned out to be a project for the boys and me, turned into a chore for me at some point.

9 weeks of lockdown for the kids, and counting for the youngest.
10 weeks since I have been to London.

Now, I have enjoyed writing this blog. On some days anyway 😉
Maybe I manage a weekly post moving forward, until we are truly out of this. But no promises!

60 posts. That’s a bit isn’t it. I hope you enjoyed reading about my feelings and thoughts. And how it all went with the family. Actually, that’s more than a year worth of Sunday Columns back in the days 🙂

This week for instance, I was hoping for less work. A bit more focus on the family. But far from it. Maybe I just create too much work for me, or maybe I have too many plans. Whatever it is, there is so much more I want to do.

Yet, I am still looking for one thing, and need your help. Please reach out to me with some ideas. A hobby.

I discussed that with someone on a call this week who discovered gardening for himself. Something practical (e.g. not another blog, podcast or online course), yet not too complicated, maybe not too detail oriented. I love building my Revel models, but I also hate them. Maybe I just stick to those, but maybe something bigger I could build. Restore an old motorbike, but I don’t have space in the garage. Lock picking was suggested before, hmm 🤔

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I have learned a lot more about cooking recently and enjoy it, but besides me, vegetarian isn’t the cuisine of choice in our household.

Anyway, those are my Wednesday thoughts. The boys would spend all day on their computer games, yet actually listen well and have been really good.

Nothing to complain about.

And the sun is out!

Stay safe,

food and drink

I bought the first issue of Jamie Oliver the other day. Mainly because I thought it was a bargain, getting so many food recipe ideas for only a couple of quid. And, a year’s subscription only costs £30/year or something like that.

Cooking has become a hobby but I notice more and more that the more complex the dishes become, the less likely I am interested in cooking. Mainly because I am just not a person that likes attention to detail, the nitty gritty stuff. That is why I most probably fail in DIY, would never make a good cook, cannot be an artist and will not be able to ever sit down and do nothing. As far as I remember I always had “ants in my pants”.

Anyhow, I wanted to catch up on some food and drink stuff I read in Jamie’s magazine. Honestly, I was more interested in the Whisky section. Jamie wrote about a Whisky from Islay called “Sheep Dip” and another one called “Pig’s nose“. Weird names for a Whisky I thought. They even have a Facebook Group.

For £15 you can try both Whiskys from the Jamie Oliver Shop (no surprise here) or you try to get it at your local shop. I personally had never heard of it before but of course find the names so intriguing that I am curious to try them. The old marketing ploy 😉 Or, you could just order from their webiste for only £7.50 (nice margin Jamie) and add £7.50 postage to it.

Anyhow, once I tasted those two peculiar sounding whiskys, I will surely let you know. Have you tried them? Then please leave a comment and let me know!