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Sunday Column (274)

This week was a “back to the roots” week. Back to work, busy days, lots of progress, having fun. Yet, as so often, I am thinking of my boys and found this amazing song by German artist Reinhard Mey. I must have listened to it a hundred times but only this week the meaning became really clear to me. I am not alone with my feelings, balancing work and family, yet enjoying both! Vaters Nachtlied (Father’s Lullaby) The translation goes roughly like this: I’m sorry, I could not come home sooner, We had a difficult negotiation at work, man oh man, lasting until after eight! Well, you took Benno Bear and Fritz Fuchs to bed And Cookie Monster too? I have thought a lot about you. Were the grandparents over, has it been a good day? And you blackmailed your mother again for an ice cream? And I? Oh, I’ve only read the stock market report, and whilst doing that I was thinking about, how I can glue your boat. Then Doctor Schulze-W├╝stefeld invite me for a working meal, I moved from “one bum cheek to another” There was “spicy venison stew,” how gladly would I have instead Had a

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