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work balance only?

Yes, you read correctly. There is a new approach David Allen, the GTD guy, wrote in his book “Making it all work“. Or maybe it is not a new approach but a different thinking I personally like.

He says pretty much to forget about a work life balance. David argues that people put too much emphasis and pressure trying to separate the two: work & life. He further says that the concept of balance is irrelevant as you only seem to focus on it when you don’t have it.

By just focusing on what you are doing that moment, trying not to count the minutes you play with your dog as supposed to type your article for the press, it gives you more energy. It is about living in the now and thinking about “What am I doing”, “What is next”. David says that the key element is to eliminate the distraction, whatever its source, and to have focused alignment in whatever you’re doing.

I find this approach quite right. If I worked for myself or at home and let’s say I have to go shopping, then I go shopping. In return, I work late at night catching up with my emails. Of course, some companies already offer that, and it is a common approach for some. And, I would not differentiate between my work and my private life.

By desperately trying to separate the two, e.g. working 9-5 in an office, then going home and not looking at any work related things at all, would put more pressure on me. Naturally I try to not think about work when home and not thinking about home when at work. Maybe the way I demonstrate it exaggerates things, but generally speaking, I agree to not separate the two.

Personally, I don’t mind having a day off but checking and in urgent cases responding to my emails, or even make a phone call. When I get home after work, I surely want to spend as much time as possible with my boy, then put him to bed. And, if there is important work, I might just work for another hour or so. In return, I would (and can) expect my employer to give me time if my child is ill and I have to work from home, or come in late as I need to go and see the doctor with him.

But, and that is the way I understand David Allen, people in general worry too much and think too much about the “what if” rather than “what’s next”. It is about productivity and about making the most of your time. If you are officially at work or at home or if you just in “your time”. And that is what counts.

Of course for blue collar workers that have more of a regulated, maybe even machine driven work pace, things are different as they cannot really do anything else whilst supervising a production line. And, whilst being at home, there might less work to be done. Work might not be as flexible.

Bottom line: Stop Worrying, and Start Living. Dale Carnegie wrote about that more than 60 years ago.

Stop being desperate about a balance between work and life. Treat all as life and organise yourself. From there, you will be productive: for work, for life, for yourself.

Hope that makes sense.

Seminar GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen

Hello, good morning.

Early for a Saturday, but my head is spinning full of ideas. Why? I went to David Allen’s seminar “Getting Things Done”. Wow!

I wrote about it before.

David is an inspirational speaker and trainer. After reading his book I noticed that I have put 80% into practise and that I need another 20% to achieve excellence. I now know how – I just need to do it. How does it stick, how do you motivate yourself, and, how do you not lose that motivation.

Latter will be key, but is key to anything. Stopping smoking or starting to play Golf.

What is so good about GTD?

David developed his system over 25 years. Looking at it, it is simple. Baby Steps. All he does is breaking down purpose in live (50,000 feet), vision (40,000 feet), goals (30,000 feet), Area of Focus (20,000 feet), Projects (10,000 feet) into direct ACTIONS that then need tasking. And, he developed a great way of tasking in various categories, e.g. home, office, plane, calls etc.

The powerful way of combining control with perspective. Motivation with Coaching. Without trying to simplify, but there is the coaching aspect of setting goals and visions and breaking them down into steps/actions. There is the NLP component to motivate, organise and re-focus/re-frame actions. Also, you find the “normal” time management component of having the yearly, monthly, daily, hourly view of things.

So, could anyone have come up with the system? I think so. Sorry, David, that is not meant disrespectful. I guess I was too late to develop my personal system into a GTD and as a second to market it would not wor :-)k Why should I anyway, I rather support yours!

David Allen is a great speaker, a great leader and inspiration of setting up your own system using the right tools. And, there are still the 20% I need to improve my system with. 20% is a lot! And, with things getting busier around business, I need to have this extra edge to free up more time to pursue my visions.

So, not only congratulations to David on inventing a system that works but also to teach it the way he does. I have a lot of respect for you!



PS: if you have not read his book, you find it here.

Circumstances – getting things done!

People always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them. – George Bernard Shaw

This morning I finished GETTING THINGS DONE by David Allen. The above is a quote from his book. I must say, this book should be compulsory for everyone working. Full stop. Not only Managers, MDs – no everyone. Buy it directly at Amazon!

It shows the right way and attitude on how to be organised, efficient and effective. No more time wasting unless you have too much spare time on you hands 🙂 And, you will – compared to your current status. You will love this book and the techniques shown.

Also, there are Seminars in London:

Two different seminars are being presented.

The first, GTD Mastering Work Flow, presented on October 23, offers greater focus on actual implementation of the GTD methodology. This seminar is very tactically oriented – how to get quick control using the fundamental thinking process and the five phases of work flow mastery.  Led by senior David Allen company consultants, this seminar will provide insights and guidelines for implementation of tools and techniques in your daily workflow.  Learn more about this seminar series here.

The second seminar, GTD The Roadmap, is a one day event led by David Allen, on October 24, to introduce you to Getting Things Done concepts and principles.  GTD The RoadMap offers a higher level, more theoretical overview of the GTD concepts.  The seminar will focus on the whole picture of the self-consulting process, including prioritizing from multiple horizons, applying the core productivity principles, and making change stick, also offering the opportunity to see David Allen live.  You can learn more about the GTD The Roadmap seminar series here.

Enjoy. Volker!