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Sunday Column (224)

This week I know more about what I don’t want to write about than what I am keen on discussing. To be honest, I am a bit fed up of job searches, and job finding. This week was a highlight in some decision making but I will cover that in greater depth hopefully soon. I guess the frustrating bit, and the ultimate roller coaster ride, is that you get verbal offers, promises and then silence for weeks which then result in you not knowing whether things move forward or not; on the other hand you get new opportunities popping up but don’t really want to waste anyone’s time thinking the verbal offer comes through. I guess I need to be more ruthless but never mind. I am the nice guy, right?

nice guy

Hence the real highlight last week was life itself! Colin is probably the sweetest boy on earth. Whiny but great at 4 years old who slowly discovers the world. I am trying to explain things to him but his attention span is too short. He loves the books he got for his birthday telling him all about how the body works and what blood, bones and muscles are. It is great to see him sucking up that knowledge like a sponge and explaining it back to you. His questions are very analytical and a great joy to me is when he asks what a certain word is in German. Hard work and persistence seems to pay off.

Rohan on the other hand seems to develop two skills recently. One is more talking and making himself heard and understood, the other is to start listening what we tell him. It is a slow process but we seem to win. One shout at a time. On top of that we moved his bed into Colin’s room, trying to get him to sleep through the night. That didn’t work so that he is back in his own room with a stair gate. Slow progress but progress.

Then I went for a cycle with a friend on Tuesday night on top of the South Downs. An amazing ride of 2 hours in a fantastic sunset. Moving to the country side was the best thing we have ever done. Whilst I agree that the commute is “me time” and sometimes is taking forever, restrictive to stay out late in London – cycle rides like these or Jen being able to take the kids down to the beach for an afternoon are making up for that many times over. I guess with the change of lifestyle my attitude has changed.

I can see that in my job hunt too. Yes, I am still very career oriented but maybe a little more risk averse than I used to be and prefer a good job working for people that know what they are doing rather than people not knowing what they are doing if that makes sense. Whilst money, particularly with the travel card each month, is still key, the title or function is less an issue than a great job for a good company that pays what I need as long as I maybe have less to worry at evenings and weekends. Surely I am going to work my butt off nevertheless. I am just the workaholic, right? When the kids are older, 3-5 years down the line, I can still do a job which might involve more international travel, more responsibility and more time from me away from home. I am only 36 after all….maybe I am just in a midlife crisis, who knows 😉


I also managed to finish my first draft of my book on personal development which I have put together over the last 6 weeks. Now I still got to add some drawings, get my wife to proofread it before publishing it. This is very exciting for me and I am proud to have almost completed this project.

On Wednesday I finally became a Rotary member. It has been a long time coming yet with the job situation I had postponed the decision until the end of the Rotary year (end of June). It is good to get involved in a new venture helping others to succeed, develop and to make this world a better place. It is about ethical values, servicing others (SERVICE ABOVE SELF) above and beyond the standard.

An eventful week overall! A good week really! Oma and Opa came to visit over the weekend which again gave much joy to the kids and of course to us. More cheap wine and good chats. A Saturday out in town at the beer festival with the wife. I sometimes wish we had family closer by. And my MIL and her partner came to visit as they had a 7 hour stop over in London on their way back from holidays. The kids were delighted.

But you have to decide in life what you want. Sometimes taking a step back, evaluating whilst moving forward later is not a bad thing. Putting life in perspective is important and sometimes things just don’t happen overnight. Family might take a priority over a job and vice versa at a different stage in life. I guess that is what makes life so exciting yet not easier.

So have a great week. Fingers crossed for some results!


Sunday Column (214)

If I had unlimited money, won the lottery or inherited from a long lost aunt I have never heard of, if….when did you last dream about that? How often do you chase your dreams?

Daily. That would be my answer. I am chasing my realistic dreams daily, the above unrealistic dream too seldom.


Living the dream. Having a place to live, a job I enjoy, a great wife and kids. Healthy kids. A network of support, friends and work colleagues. I am living the dream and often I don’t notice it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have challenges. With work, with the wife, with the kids. I moan (a lot) and I can get angry. But I try, like in moments like now, to calm my mind and focus on the essentials. And those are in order, they make me happy. Of course everyone and then someone manages to unbalance my Zen. I guess the most annoying bit is if you do a reality check on something with someone, and what a person says is really unrealistic compared to most opinions.

Are you one of those people that think if something awful happens, then you will change your life? I used to think that until I realised that whatever happens, no matter how bad, will only be as bad as you experience it. To simplify: you decide how bad a death affects you as suppose to you almost getting run over by a car or missing the bus. All of those events, no doubt one worse than the other, will affect your life. But whether you going to make it a life changing one is entirely up to you. Some people get really motivated from bad news they receive to changing their life.

Living in the now and forming your future is entirely your call. Your decision and responsibility. No one will make decisions for you. You decide entirely yourself. Question: are you ready to make the decision?


Decisions. I made a few decisions this week. One was that a club I looked at is not for me. Then on Wednesday I made the decision to stay at home. I had a temperature, stayed in bed most of the day. What I realised lately is that people don’t call in sick anymore. They work from home and be partly sick. Technology allows me to stay on top of my emails. I work, Skype with colleagues, and don’t relax. One isn’t ill and detached anymore. One is working from home. Odd isn’t it?

I believe that we are no machines and need lots of relaxation to cope with the stresses and strains of life. Life got really busy didn’t it? I do believe I have a good balance. However, four weeks of viruses and lack of sleep because of the boys keeping us up at night, took its toll. Hopefully this week’s temperature is the final step before I return to normal? We had to cancel long term weekend plans too. And, the reality is that we should just de-tach ourselves from work when ill. Technology is both a blessing and a curse. We still feel that we need to stay on top of things.

Anyway. The weather is supposed to get better next week, so fingers crossed this will get rid of all the viruses and bugs. The kids seem better. Hopefully the wife stays healthy, so far so good. We cancelled our weekend plans and the sunny Thames River walk on Sunday which I was looking forward to had to be cancelled due to train issues. The joys of living too far out of London.

I have three busy weeks ahead of me. To be honest, before I know it, I am on a week off for half term. Life is busy. Life is good.

Have a great week,

Inspirational Thought: Actions

The most important actions are never comfortable. ~ Tim Ferriss

Happy New Year again!

Making decisions is one thing.
Taking actions another.

Important actions in life are never comfortable. No matter the matter.
Important actions usually involve heavy decisions and exclusion of someone you like.

Make them as sensible as possible.
Make them wisely.

Seek understanding for important decisions and move on.

Have a great year full of actions.

Inspirational Thought: Progress & Decisions

You cannot make progress without making decisions. ~ Jim Rohn

Whether as a manager or employee or CEO one has to make decisions. Even as a private person. From my point of view there isn’t a point of mulling too many decisions over. One needs to get on with it.

Some decisions, no matter how many information you collect, won’t become easier. You might as well make the decision now and get on with it. Let’s base it on your best knowledge and experience and go for it. You will the the progress happening.

I am sure if you made a decision based on the best of your abilities, then no one will rip off your head if things go wrong. Depends on the scale of course 🙂

Some decisions just don’t get better over time.

Get on with it, grab the bull by its horns and make your day. And maybe someone else’s.

Have a good one, lead by example!