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Living in a new world – Days at home (2)

Day 2 was a lot more challenging. Particularly for daddy, as he had to juggle a bit of work with arty stuff where the boys needed help. We managed and started off with some exercise, the Body Coach live streamed on Youtube. It was fun, however the boys, see picture below, weren’t too impressed. Given daddy still does his 5 am routine, he got extra exercise in, and that made him even more tired 🙁 For tomorrow, we are looking at a different exercise, e.g. footie or a 7 minute workout. Let’s see. It’s fun watching the older one designing a poster to boost morale….during the 2nd World War, not Corona. I guess it is a bit more of the same, just the enemy is different, and invisible. I post about that tomorrow on LinkedIn, so watch out for a post there. We managed to drink more water today, so mummy will be pleased. However, we also left some homework for her to do too 🙂 Sowing was never one of daddy’s strengths. Last but not least, daddy had to rush off to the dentist and left the daily walk to mummy. Another gorgeous day, just a shame we are

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Sunday Column (27)

Oh dear, this is bank holiday weekend. I was off on Friday and I have to say, getting the chance to catch up on some sleep, and on some things I wanted to do for a while, was great. Luckily I finished the polishing of the furniture during the week…. so Friday was all mine. I managed a total of 2 hours in the afternoon to sleep after I spend most of the morning shopping and writing for my blog. Update: We finished, or my wife did, painting the living room. The carpet is removed, the furniture polished and you might spot our 32 inch TV in the back – it saves so much space. From work we support the campaign (which we also created by the way) for Tacheback and research into prostate and testicular cancer! Hence, I will grow a moustache during September…. So please donate on the site and I keep you posted on my Twitter and Facebook feed anyway. Having said all that, there wasn’t much else going on this week. Colin is growing and is already above the 95 percentile, over 7 kilos. He smiles a lot but cries a lot too. He slept 8

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