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Sunday Column (333)

July. A month that is traditional quiet, even in media. Not so for us this year or last year tbh. Whilst a few meetings got moved about, and yes you could argue a lot of admin catch up is going on, there is also still a lot of work todo. It doesn’t seem to stop, which is good I suppose.

Also, which doesn’t seem to stop, is the renovation work. Finally we made some progress. Builders, with all due respect, are not easy to handle. You kind of know you have to pay a bit more than anticipated. And you know they are dodgy or sleazy somehow. Not all of them, and the one we have is really good, and does a great job too. Yet, in stereotypical manner, they are what they are. Two more projects to finish, then we are done.

We also saw the dog trainer – that is good news. It is a bit down to us, a bit down to the breed and a bit down to the dog and its age. But overall we learned a lot more about what we have to do with Rosie to keep her stimulated, and train bad behaviour out of her. Nothing anyone before told us in that way and it looks like she is a keeper. After a very stimulating 2 hours work with the dog trainer she was mentally exhausted. Fantastic, yet a lot of work we still have to do with her.

Creative Space

Now, maybe I write a bit about my plan for our spare bedroom. When we moved to Hassocks we got a 4 bedroom house, with the intention to turn one room into a guest room/office. However, I noticed we don’t have too many overnight visitors and often they come alone. So we have an extendable bed/sofa bed and a height adjustable desk. This in itself is great but when you start putting a 22 inch screen and an iMac on it, it gets too small. My dream was to get a big office, with a desk for the family with the desktop, printer, Jen’s stuff for her photography etc. and a desk for myself or later the boys to hot desk with a 2nd screen to increase productivity. This is now happening. I am excited!

Also, we reduced the amount of books, reducing the shelf space needed. Based on that we free up floor space for both a green grass carpet and an orange bean bag. The room, to increase harmony and productivity and stimulation will have grey and green walls. The walls will be getting motivational quotes, a Buddha wall paper, white board and furthermore some pictures.

Overall we aim to create a creative, yet energetic room where anyone can relax, use it as a second living room without a TV, read, work or study. A family room that is used for work, play and fun. Whiteboard sessions for the family, boys, or work; Flipchart demonstrations and planning sessions for anyone. Top of that, it is a guest room, ironing room, laundry room and meditation room. Calm yet energising.

Once the new carpet is in and we have the first walls painted, I shall post some pictures. Hopefully you agree with me.

I am excited about the room, the space and the possibilities. Hopefully the wife and the boys agree to use it regularly for all kinds of activities.

Stay tuned and have a great week. I don’t believe next week it is going to be August already!


Sunday Column (331)

A while back I have been looking into applying some app that would let me write my blog posts offline and send them whenever I am online. That app in form of WordPress exists on my ipad/iphone yet not on my Mac. What I found for my Mac was too complex for me, and I ended up writing a draft into my notepad instead. Why not. Copy/paste is simpler than trying to learn a new system.

Thinking about what I wrote just now, it sounds like I am getting old. Maybe I am. Maybe I am getting a bit inflexible in terms of using new systems, or changing some processes. Don’t get me wrong, I love processes, and I love implementing them. Following the rules, black or white, yes or no. But, these rules and processes need to have a purpose, fulfil a sense for the workflow. If they don’t, what’s the point.

The latter is the case for most organisations I worked for. And this will always be the case, in days of change, in days of growth. Growing a company above 50 employees is when it gets critical to implement the right processes. Having different people involved, across time zones, doesn’t make it easier. Never mind, to my satisfaction, things are well where I am.

Yet the same is true at home. Having the right processes in place as a family, ones that make sense, rules that everyone can adhere to, is important. There is no other way for people to work or play or live together, than accepting each others’ territory, freedom and stick to certain rules and processes. So work and life are really similar.

Despite July I have been busy at work. Advertising doesn’t seem to slow down, yet in my line of work the summer frees people up to catch up on things they neglected most of the year. Pitches are usually finished by mid/end July, then there is room for holidays, catch ups and strategic thinking. I love those meetings with a loose agenda, brainstorming potential synergies and partnerships. I am excited. But before I know it, September is back and the buzz is to start again. I am loving adtech!

This week I was off from Thursday lunch time. I had that booked for a while as my lovely wife went off on a jolly to Lisbon with some friends. Good on her! I am very happy for her to be able to do it, to be able to let go and enjoy herself. When Rohan was upset when she was leaving, I told him we should thank Buddha that we are in a grateful position for mummy to be able to go away. Not that I think he understood it, but the distraction helped to calm him down in no time.

I was looking forward to that weekend for a long time, not for her to be away but on the one hand I think she deserves a break; on the other hand, I want quality time for and full attention from my boys.


So how did the weekend go? Mixed to be honest. We had lots of fun, some tears, some shouting, some time outs, some cuddles but overall very positive! They adhered to the above mentioned rules, accepted my authority (they really didn’t want me to get cross), and helped me where they could with the little chores. In times of test you realise the characters they are building. One rather behaving, being the big brother, the other being more the disruptor. Both great in their own way.

The oldest got his scorecard – he has done fantastically well. Needless to say I am very proud of him, reading the report with a little tear in my eyes. What a lucky dad am I? The youngest asked a lot of questions and going for a walk with him is great. Having time with either of them, conversations about their little world without thinking of work or worrying about anything else is great. Of course it is a full time job. My wife is doing a fantastic job of keeping them entertained, and helping them to grow up.

Having to look after the dog, keeping time of appointments, managing food intake, and yes food was high on the agenda, plus trying to fit in me time, doing the laundry and doing the chores…..it was a lot of work. Just as well I am back to the real world and my wife is back next week. She is a hero, every mum is, at least in my mind. The work they putting in, the love they share, and the things they put up with.

Of course it is all good, and them and I enjoyed it, but somewhat I don’t seem to be born to be a stay at home dad. However, being able to share a day with them, joining in activities like sing and stomp, seeing what joy they have doing activities and playing with their buddies, sitting down and making things with them, that is great. I miss that. I sometimes wonder how much I have missed already from seeing the boys grow up compared to my wife. Whilst I love my work, love working and wanted a career, and I fully understand my kids can do so much because of me wanting a career, it is sad to think that one cannot have it all. The little sacrifices in life.

But the older they get the more enjoyable it gets, the less activities they want to probably share with me. Not long and I will go fishing with the boys, choosing things we can do together, then I embarrass them by going out with them at uni (I think I will be cool, but guess it is never going to happen, I won’t get an invite, let’s stay realistic 😉 ), and then I shall look after my grandkids….

The cycle of life.

Oups, maybe we are looking too deep into things.

Have a great week ahead.

Love and Kindness from my part of the world.

Sunday Column (318)

We are back from holidays and since Wednesday I am back at work. Whilst it is great to be away, it was nice to come back home. A record driving time thanks to an early start resulted in a chilled out afternoon prior to going back to work. It feels like spring is finally on its way. My hands are still sore from the cold, and yes, I did put the fire on again this week.

Grateful. I think that word came up a few times in discussions this week. Grateful for a job, a good health and the ability to raise the kids, have kids, have a healthy family and a gorgeous dog. To have had a great and safe journey, no problems with the car, or traffic or forbid an accident. I stopped taking things for granted. Ever since the, at the end positive, diagnosis and uncertainty earlier this year, it seems as if we shouldn’t. I am almost a bit more spiritual as a result of it.

Interesting enough I listened to Tim Ferris’ podcast this week where he interviewed Glenn Beck. I wouldn’t have heard of him, but in a nutshell Glenn was an alcoholic and his life was in a mess by the time he was 30! He turned it around and became a well known TV figure in the US, a celebrity and made millions. What a great story.


I am writing my own story. So are you. Every day of your life! Every day you should evaluate whether or not you are doing the things that are taking you forward, achieving your goals. What have you done to get where you have got? Are you being successful? Then don’t stop doing that and take it to the next level, improve on it rather than slowing down as you reached a certain level. Don’t take things for granted.

For the ability to serve, we are truly grateful – Rotary. For the opportunity to be grateful, I thank my wife and my family. Life seems content at the moment yet as you know me, I am not content, ever…really 😉 But that’s a different story.

For me personally, I am getting a lot clearer on what I want to achieve in life. This includes a healthy lifestyle, a great future for the family and myself. Define ‘great’: positive, loving, caring, grateful, helpful….we define it together, as a team. The Ballueder team, as I like to call it.

What I learned this week? That our dog is still pretty much a puppy and that rushing her into becoming a well trained dog won’t work. I also learned that spending more quality time with my kids is super important and I got so much more back. It is very nice to spend so much time with the family. It was so nice to be able to spend more time with them during the day being off work. I get to know them so much better than just seeing them at the weekend and partly during the week. I am blessed and grateful.

I also realised that travelling with kids and dogs for long distance in the car is less painful than anticipated. That the Euro to pound (GBP) ratio is awesome for stocking up on wine and salami. I “calibrated” that my attitude towards life is right and in line with what people would expect. I learned that there is a lot more I want to and I will accomplish in life – starting today!

With those thoughts, I want to leave you for the week. Easter and the four day weeks are over. Let’s get cracking!

Have a great one,

PS: I still haven’t checked Facebook for the past 10 days. So apologies for anything I didn’t miss. Facebook however starts sending me messages, one a day, making sure I don’t forget about the 1000 of messages, updates etc. I ‘missed’. Times of change.

Sunday Column (298)

Summing up a week like this isn’t easy I believe. It all started with me coming back late on Saturday, so I had a short weekend. Fair enough, Sunday was a great day. A proper walk with the dog at 5:30, a 10K run and the feeling I am gaining weight again, despite loosing it. I am off balance a bit with no routine thanks to the dog.

My training schedule is changing. I try to do two 10K runs a week, then walk the dog more. Then I am travelling. I need to find a bigger bag to carry my jogging shoes when travelling. Then Rosie will be able to go running, and routines change once again.

The dog, another topic in itself. We enjoy her. But….she is getting to the biting stage. She is snapping at the kids, bit them whilst playing. Tough negotiations on behalf of the dog, and the kids, to make sure the family is happy. We are working on it. Overall she is a great addition to the family and well loved. The vet bill is raising, and according to the vet it is totally normal.

The mornings have been cold but clear skies and foggy with some amazing cloud formations in front of the sun rise. I love living close to the sea and getting to see those amazing views. It is great being up early and enjoying nature and the silence.


On getting up early: I am well and truly in my 5 am routines. That means even if I am not going to bed early or had a few beers, I would be awake at 5. The only day I tried going back to bed for a wee whiley, Rohan was up from 5 am play. Nothing worked to settle him, despite him having a temperature and a cough. Poor him. He later slept 2 hours in the afternoon, I didn’t.

We then had a relative staying with us for half of the week. Working out the relation, I am her great grand uncle or so 😉 It was good to catch up on some old memories, family gossip and times that seem so far away. It brings back memories of me being 13 or 14 – way before finding myself, when one thought that doing it right all the time was the right thing to do. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that. Reflecting on different upbringings and what life has thrown at us over the years was good.

Today, as you read this blog, I will be in the clouds flying to our HQ in Holland. Needless to say I am not overly impressed for not being home on a Sunday night. Sundays for me are the holy family day, I am the one making pizza for dinner. Not tonight. Yet, I suppose, sometimes it is unavoidable to commit to work on a Sunday, and this is for a rather important meeting. One gotta do what one gotta do, not like this is happening very often. So all good 🙂

So and up and down week. On top of that Anthony Robbins released his new book, I started becoming more specific about the topic of my next book, I had lots of fun, spend lots of time with friends and overall, I cannot think of a day I was unhappy.

Hope life is treating you well.

Love and Kindness,

Sunday Column (297)

This week’s highlight was my trip to Germany. Not only did I attend some really great meetings and a fantastic conference for work, but I also stayed over for a night to catch up with my old fraternity friends in Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt. This was for the first time since 2006!

To get there I treated myself to a 1st class rail ticket on the German ICE train. I was very excited and it was fantastic. Matter of fact, as many people asked me when I write my posts, I am writing my column on the train just now, to be published on Sunday as usual. I got WIFI, I worked, I chilled out and got a lot of thinking done. I enjoy rail journeys (no, not the daily Southern Railway commute) but overall, I find it quite relaxing. And compared to driving, this is much more chilled out and you get so much more done. Fantastic really.

Fraternities, mine is Corps Franconia, sometimes have a bad reputation. Yes, we used to drink a lot, and yes we are very good networkers, high achievers and usually a bit more conservative. But we are a band of brothers for life, friends for life, as we all stood at some point for the same ideas and values – and most of us still do so today. We are not in any way discriminating against anyone, have many members with a variety of political views, integrate our women (yet they can’t become members but there are sole women sororities too), accept foreigners as members and we do NOT tolerate any racial discrimination of any kind plus would never accept a member with extreme views (either way). So we Corps are good.

Our network is globally yet based on the time we spend together whilst studying in Germany. Our principles are around personal development, growth, and success in a career. This of course can be defined by each individually. A community, bonded by common experience (academic fencing) which is compulsory. We have all done it, from our 19 year old members to our 90 year old members. It is something special and difficult to grasp for someone on the outside.

Coming back to the 125 year anniversary and seeing old and familiar faces was great. A unity and a great event catching up with ¾ of our120 alumni. There aren’t many clubs where you meet the majority of members over 15 years since you have been an active member. And the bond is stronger than ever.

But never mind, enough about that. As of this weekend we were allowed to take Rosie, our dog, outside. Finally we can tire her out, get her used to noises, smells etc. and get her to learn that there is a world outside the house. Exciting times once again. I am glad the baby stage with a dog only lasts a few months rather than years. I cannot wait to start running with her in the morning and getting her to be my “running buddy”.

Work, I have to say, was fantastic this week also. It shows the 2nd screen market is really taking off. I have written a bit about it over on Linkedin, and I can see very exciting times ahead with the cross screen/channel tracking. Isn’t it great if you enjoy what you are doing? You never work a day in your life again 😉

So I am thankful for what I have. I enjoyed Germany, and nothing like coming out of an agency to meet a good friend from the UK having a meeting just after me with the same agency. That cannot be coincidence. Things happen for a reason and when I was sitting down with some of the guys for dinner on Thursday, we could just feel that the real stuff is just to begin. There is an exciting buzz in the industry.

I leave you with those thoughts, and the idea of more to come, more to look forward to whilst being really grateful for what we have.


Sunday Column (295)

It is November. Time keeps flying and only another 6 weeks to Christmas. Wow. I just had a week off with the family. Nothing was planned but staying at home at half term, taking care of the puppy, spending time with the kids.

Having a puppy is great yet hard work. Potty training, entertaining, particularly if you cannot take it for walks yet. Chewing on anything, playing with the boys’ toys and generally just wanting to be entertained. A 3 year old too forceful, and a 5 year old too shy with it. We made a lot of progress and in less than 2 weeks time we can take her for walks. I cannot wait.

What I enjoyed most about the time off? Getting on top of things like putting away the firewood for the winter. Cooking. Sleeping. Running. Sitting in the living room, putting the fire on at 4pm, having a glass of wine, chilling out, trying take aways… Not everyday though 😉 Doing some minor DIY things. As mentioned, thanks to the dog we couldn’t really go anywhere for long.


We managed to clear the loft out a big. Old toys, cloths and baby stuff. Something I was looking forward to for a long time. It feels like we made the cut, we moved on. We don’t have babies anymore. We have two boys that are growing up. Now we got a puppy. With 8 months they should be ‘grown ups’. So from mid next year I can say that I have a 4, 6 and 1 year old child. That’ll be nice 😉 And the cat. Yet it has to be seen if Hänsel will hang around. And the wife is talking about dog number two already…let’s see what is there to come.

In the meantime I focus on the NOW. The very moment I enjoy spending with the boys and the family. Building Lego, going swimming, polishing the car or tidying away the firewood. Whatever it is and whatever we can do as a team. It is nice to create shared experiences. Things they will remember for years to come.

And in a subtle way you teach them about life. That the old toys from the loft going to people that have no toys. That cannot afford toys. And that there are people that don’t have hot water or warm houses in the winter. Those little things we keep forgetting and we must remind ourselves and our children about. Every year, coming to Christmas, I reflect on where we are and what we can do for others. And I do want my kids to be involved. In school they teach them Africa doesn’t have any money. But it isn’t only Africa, it can be in your own country too. We too often forget.

But don’t let me get too sentimental. After all we still got six weeks till Christmas. And then another year will commence. I got the feeling 2015 will be a year full of positive changes. I can’t put my finger down yet but anticipate that whilst a lot of things change, for better or for worse, we will see a very positive outcome from it, even if this is still years away for us to realise.

I also managed a great MTB ride and a few runs. So trying to stay active.

Have a great November,

Sunday Column (294)

There are few joys as great as having a baby. You do the poo duties, you don’t sleep and you have to teach them things over and over again. Let me tell you, a puppy is not much different. At night time a puppy cries for its mummy, and you have to let it get on with it. It breaks your heart but after a few days it stops. No sleep, whilst worrying she might pee or poo into her den (cage). That of course happens, accidents are prone to happen. So is poo or pee on the floor, so thanks for putting in laminate earlier this year, carpet would have been a disaster. Getting up at 5 am, my daily routine, had to change. I cannot go running whilst a super hyper puppy, which has yet to get along with our cat, is jumping on and at me. So running moved to the evenings and poo duty to the mornings, sitting in the kitchen catching up on work. We make it happen. A content puppy to your feet, chilling out – after 3 poos (!), and jumping on my freshly washed pink shirt. Nice. We love her to bits though.

Wow, I got this blog post off to a good start, didn’t I. It is difficult, yet one has more experience these days, to not shout at a puppy when an accident happens. Not to loose your temper when things go wrong. Trying to make her sit or stay or anything is hard work but after a week we are making progress. It is actually very pleasing to have a puppy (or dog for that matter), this true companion that wants to sit with you, keeps you company and brings you lots of joy. And above all things, this puppy will only stay a baby for 8 months, not 3 years 🙂 On that note, if you are considering getting a puppy, make sure your kids are ok with it. We have one that is a bit shy/scared but makes daily progress (which makes you think that you made the right decision on adding a dog to the family) and we have one that is super hyper thinking it is a toy (which makes you think we should have waited another year). Either way, it is a great challenge for the family, a new chapter and overall we really enjoy having Rosie here. And she is more pleasing than the cat really.


I personally start looking forward to taking her for long walks and chill out after work. Instead of sitting down and get comfy after dinner, I get some “exercise” and some nice fresh air prior to going to bed. That will wind me down after work – that is the theory anyway until it starts getting wet and windy like this week, snow and the like. Surely, I will keep you posted.

But what else happened this week? Not much compared to the above. Three conferences, lots of work and deals and trying to wrap things up before I was off for half term next week. I might have to do some work next week, just to keep on top of things, as a restructure makes me even busier than before. Having said that, I really enjoy the remit and products I am selling, adding value to the industry I work in. Great stuff! And a conference this week I do believe I made a difference explaining what it is all about. Let’s at least hope so.

As of next week I haven’t got much planned. Repair my bike, get new firewood stacked in the garage, play and train the dog, play with the kids, check the lego set for Christmas we got from eBay is complete, chill out with the family, have a dog trainer, go to the vet, watch a few movies, get a hair cut and just do all those things that need to get done and I have been putting off for a while. Like clearing out the loft. And cooking for the family. Going for walks. And I will be sitting here next week realising I didn’t do all those things I was hoping to do. But that’s life, isn’t it?

So I hope you all have a good week.

Sunday Column (210)

What a week! From snow to sunshine to rain; from a busy day to a hectic day, to a long media night; from proper man flu to a common cold; this week saw a lot of variety. Sleepless nights. Delayed travel. Good chats. Progress. Overall, probably not a bad week.

In retrospective of last weekend , re the dog, I learned a lot. Maybe you want to call me naive but if we were to get a dog, R must be at least 3 years old, and C must loose his fear of dogs, so it would have to be a young one. On top of that it either must be a low maintenance dog or my wife and I need more time. Probably the former; so it will take another two years I suppose before we get one. And in the meantime we can always rent one 🙂 A very good experience though.


I kept myself busy with a proper fish tank clean and weed out last Sunday too. I enjoy that hobby and have further plans on getting some more fish. I originally dreaded the work and effort but a big clean only happens every 3 months. And the joy for the kids as well as the relaxation coming from the tank when watching the fish, is worthwhile the effort. I’d love to get a second one, just to try out different things. Mad I suppose.

The snow this week caused a lot of disruption. I enjoyed it but couldn’t work from home that day due to 5 interviews I had to attend. It is nice to live in a fast pace environment, and growing company and industry. I caught up with my boss, my boss’ boss, our marketing lead, and realised how far I have come since uni, interviewing interns. Boy, I am getting old, and the skill set and CVs have changed. Besides age you ain’t putting hobbies on your CV any more. I always ask for the latter, as I am keen to understand the person behind the person if that makes sense. Looks like we found an intern and are closer to appointing another key position. Progress! And I enjoy the progress. Those who know me closer are aware that I had some difficulties seeing direction but this is all over now. Things are a lot clearer and moving along nicely. I am a happy person working in an area and company I enjoy working for. Some great people. Some of the finest!

Hobbies: I finally made up my mind as to which bike to buy. So I am going to get, or got by time of publishing, a Specialized Hardrock. An entry level mountain bike with front suspension, hard tail, hydraulic brakes and usual gears. I really don’t have a clue but like what I got. Now I am all set to go to the South Downs every weekend in order to get fit and get out. I cannot wait for next weekend. Plenty of apps share preferred routes and you even get competitions for timings etc. Crazy how “cycling” has changed from when I was a kid. The gear (leg warmers!), the bike, the engineering. Surely there will be more bike posts soon.


Focus is something else that came up a lot this week. My focus is shifting towards family for a while, now hobbies like cycling, fish tank and weekends. I guess family almost forces you to do that, and I mean that in a good way. However, that doesn’t mean I work less, less efficient or less hours but probably with more focus and concentration on the things that really matter.

Streamlining and focusing go hand in hand. I stopped worrying about some tasks others can do and focus on what I need to get done, deliver on what I need to deliver, and help where I can help. With a growing team, unlike 3 years ago, I don’t have to worry about setting up laptops, sorting servers, laying cables etc. anymore. It is great to see the transformation from 1 person to now 15, and counting. Thanks S for the opportunity (2nd praise in one post 🙂 ).

What else happened really…..I had another massage. After 4 weeks reduced running activities (man flu, shin splints), and my therapist being on holidays, I finally got my back and shoulders sorted again. This felt soooooo good 🙂 I can only recommend the Heeler Centre in Hassocks. Great staff. I got the bike and spend lots of time with the kids this weekend. you might have seen pictures on Facebook of train tracks etc. It was great and needed, as the kids seem to ask more for me during the week. I don’t see the kids during the week, so working from home, bathing them and being around (if not playing) helps a lot for them to see that I am there. I love that flexibility my job gives me.

Then the pope got elected. What shall I say. I am not catholic and don’t really care, but since the pope is such a big figure in the world, it is good to see that the elected pope seems a bit more liberal yet strict on some topics. Maybe a good person to get the church back on track. We shall see. It is like electing a CEO to get a company back on track with the difference that the church probably never goes down or bankrupt if that makes sense? The CEOs (popes) will keep coming, no matter what.

Never mind. 10 days to Easter and some more family time. 10 days to hopefully get some DIY done, sort out some house stuff etc. and then sorting the loft after Christmas when my parents are up. There is always something to do.

Have a great week.

See you soon,

Sunday Column (209)

What a busy week. Not only did I have a lot of meetings, including lunches and a function, I had to sort a lot of stuff out. GTD, David Allen’s Getting Things Done, helps a lot to stay on top of emails and everyday business. But hey, I guess that’s what I get paid for.


I have also been tired this week. But before I have a long moan, look at the weather. It is spring, still a bit cold, but spring is in the air. Of course I am tired. Slowly back on the treadmill, spring air and busy schedules make you tired. On the other hand I decided what kind of Mountain Bike I am going to get. Still looking for bargains but got a back up plan to be executed by Easter latest. Progress on all ends.

Or maybe not on all ends. Not sure if you have seen Mary & Martha on BBC iPlayer but I watched it on Monday. Not the greatest or most innovative story, it pointed out two essential points:

– we have a lot of money in the developed world and by giving very little we can improve the lives of many more in the developing world
– family, love for your family and happiness is by far more important than anything else in life, no matter what you think; we often don’t realise it

I don’t want to sound dramatic. Nevertheless, I started thinking, way before that movie, to do more on the charity side of thing. I probably can make a decision next week on that, latest by Easter. I also made the decision to live and eat healthier, that is where my fast and exercise routine comes in.

I haven’t given up on my career or work plans, because I enjoy what I am doing. And I am making progress. Opinion pieces, conference speaking engagement, networking events etc. I am moving in the right direction, keeping the end in mind. Enjoying it.

It throws up a lot of questions of course. Whether you take a few steps towards your goal each week, if you have a goal and whether it is the right one. And of course it would. Some people don’t have a goal, are not sure whether they move in the right direction and whether they enjoy what they are doing. Maybe I am just making this up. Maybe I just think I know. But even if, I still move in the right direction and make progress, because as long as I make progress it is the right direction. If I looked back, then I would look in the direction I am NOT going to. What’s the point?

Progress on the treadmill slowed down at the end of the week. I felt more exhausted and tired, thinking I am coming down with something. I didn’t drink all week until Thursday, when I went to a networking event. It was ok but not amazing. You were forced to drink a lot, e.g. they started boozing you up from 1 pm to better network. I wasn’t too convinced and didn’t drink as much as some others, but met some interesting and relevant people. Just the whole concept of forced “easiness” doesn’t work for me.

So this week has been the busiest this year so far. Lots of positive things happening and new developments. Good progress with my extracurricular activities, and whilst I still like to meet one group, I do believe I made up my mind. Never mind.


At the weekend I took Rohan swimming. Same as I took Colin swimming last weekend, I had daddy time with Rohan this week. Fantastic. Also, we went over to friends’ for a great afternoon on Saturday. And we had a dog.

No, not our dog but we were babysitting a Collie over the weekend because friends of ours went away. It took some time for the boys to get used to it but overall it encouraged me to definitely get a dog for the family. We will be looking into one I guess 🙂 C is rather afraid as the Collie is too big and has big teeth. R absolutely loved him. So maybe another year, maximum of two. We all like having one but it is a huge commitment compared to a cat.

That kind of sums up the week. Busy but good, exhausted but happy.

Have a great week,