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Sunday Column (256)

The 9:04 train becomes a 9:14 and I see myself London bound a lot earlier than anticipated, catching a delayed train prior to my original plans. It is a rainy day today and I am reflecting a bit on the past few months. Tomorrow I start a new challenge, a few months ago I would have called it a ‘gig’ but I believe this is more. This is an exciting opportunity to evangelise, to start something new around the “2nd screen” opportunity: a new job, a career. It is about linking TV advertising, connected and unconnected TV, to your second screen: laptop, tablet, mobile. This is going to be amazing. Tomorrow morning I will start some training and of course report back next week. I had a few days off in between jobs and will properly reflect this in a separate post later on. I enjoyed spending time with the boys, with the wife, getting involved in the daily routine and disturb it somewhat with my presence. I had one day I spend most of the day dozing on the couch, watching Monster Trucks on YouTube, only interrupted for a massage and picking up the take away from the front

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Sunday Column (37)

This week I spent a lot of time with the family, and it becomes more and more important for me. Particularly since I started digesting more about Anthony Robbins’ six basic human needs. I write a post about this later on this week – it is very simple yet powerful stuff. I think with the changes of jobs and life, e.g. the birth of Colin this year, I have a lot of things to digest and it is ongoing. It doesn’t help that I have the man-flu again and seem to have less energy overall. But, I am confident of getting there, some things just take time. Maybe it is time for another review of being a dad? Things have changed so much. Colin is much more responsive, much more lively, eats food now and he gives so much more back. I hate it when I go to work and he is crying, looking at me. But that is life for you, unfortunately there isn’t this big lottery win so you can spend all of your day with your son. Life is odd in this way. But without work we cannot afford life and family. So it has to be

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