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Sunday Column (521) – the end for now

Farewell, Goodbye and Amen. That’s how Hawkeye Pierce said goodbye to his friends at MASH. I adore Hawkeye and loved MASH and think the same. It’s not a goodbye though, it is a creative reshuffle, to focus more on my podcast and less on the weekly blog. So please check out my podcast where I continue to interview successful people for their Stories of Success. Looking back over the past 10 years when I started this blog, my wife was just pregnant with our first boy. I am reviewing the blog for a book that I shall publish at some point in the future. It is about 10 years of blogging and this is the final chapter. It covers my first redundancy in 2009. Before that it was me making the decision. Then it covers the next redundancies in 2013, 2016, and 2017. 3 out of 4 redundancies were after an exit through a US company buying themselves into the European market and technology. 2009 was due to the recession. Unfortunately this is how the cookie crumbles for mid management in our industry. It is funny to look back, and this year alone, I learned so much about consulting vs.

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Farewell II – more history going

Attachment, for a Buddhist, should be minimised, ideally eliminated. My jacket I wore for 3 years, working many cold nights as a bouncer / door steward in Aberdeen, is now finding a new place. I haven’t really worn it for the past 7 years, it always had been a tat short. I miss the times in Aberdeen, the cold nights at the door. Helping others. May this jacket find a new owner, encouraged by its logo, kept protected from the elements.

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Farewell boots – Farewell history

I was 16 when I came back from my exchange year in the US. 1993 it must have been if I am not mistaken. I had to get those brown biker boots (picture below) and bought the black pair a year or so later. They were my true companion for many years. When I had my bike, when I wore my biker jackets even when the bike was long gone. That was the time I had long hair, smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and yes, I was very cool. It is time to say goodbye. They are still in good nick after so many years. Almost 20 years they were here and for most of the last 6 years they collected dust in various places. The loft, underneath the stairs or in the bedroom cupboard. I wore them about once a year, if at all. Time to say goodbye. Maybe a bit of history that goes, but why hold on to things that have passed.

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