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Stress Management – Working Out

As it happens, and I have written a lot about stress management lately, my new Buddhist Chanting CDs arrived. Wow, super easy listening and makes me much more productive whilst working on proposals and presentations!

However, I found an article in the Metro again, this time about “Busy working, so no workout” – what is that about.

Well, it says that 4 out of 5, e.g. 80%, of all London workers only exercise half an hour a week instead of 4 hours. The latter is the recommended amount. The poll was amongst 2,500 employees from Fitstart.com. It showed that only 7% worked out correctly and the reason for it is….TIME!

Who would have guessed? Working hours in the UK are longer than anywhere else in Europe.

Working week figures, thanks to the Economist!
Working week figures, thanks to the Economist!

So managing stress becomes more important, particularly if you are working at lot and long hours. Sitting in front of a laptop/computer all day does not help. You need to achieve the work life balance needed by exercising regularly.

How am I personally doing? Not too bad, but could do better.

I go to the gym twice a week, on average a 45 minutes work out, plus 1 hour Tai Chi a week. Totalling just about 2.5 hours. Counting the escalators at Victoria and Kings Cross twice a day, I might even make it to 3 hours a week πŸ˜‰ Not bad, is it? Not achieving my 10,000 steps every day. Currently sitting around 7,500 steps on average.

So overall, I should not complain. An enjoyable job, regular exercise and a healthy attitude to life πŸ™‚ Stress Management I guess!

customer service again – fitness first last


I wrote about fitness first’s customer service before. Now, I decided to leave them and join my local council gym. It is cheaper, closer and it upgraded all the gym equipment.

After the last hassle of changing between clubs my contract got “officially renewed” although I have been with fitness first for quite some time. Now I have to wait for the minimum period to be over to cancel the membership, and have to see an adviser to cancel my membership too.

That is what I did today. And, I was positively surprised. I had to sign another form that says I want to cancel and not take the opportunity to sign up for some free stuff if I decided to stay. Got a temporary card and can use the gym until end of the year. Not too bad.

Will then join the council gym, Beckenham Spa, for Β£13/month less and it is about 10 minutes closer to home. What else I want. Happy days?!

Only problem: the time to use the gym πŸ™‚

Have a good weekend

WOW – new gym machine

Wow, I went to the gym this morning. Maybe not the best idea after a Saturday night out, but I found a new toy:

new fitness machine

This machine works you like a stepper, cross trainer and climber at the same time. I could only spent 10 minutes on it, it was too exhaustive. Wow, I need to go back asap.

Have a good Sunday, I will be in agony.