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Sunday Column (260)

Having achieved a nice even number for my Sunday Columns, I thought I divide it by 52 weeks to see how many years I am writing my column. It has been exactly 5 years. It was 1st of March 2009 when I first published a column: Sunday Column (1). At that time I didn’t know that I would take redundancy about 6 weeks later, 8 weeks prior to my first son to be born. It was 2009 and a lot of businesses weren’t doing too well. I didn’t know that the remainder of the year became a challenging journey which ended in a job that catapulted me to where I am today. And I didn’t know that it repeated itself, if slightly different, 4 years later. I am not planning to write my autobiography (yet) but maybe one day I will look back and notice patterns. Many years ago I listened to someone giving a talk suggesting that every 6 months there is change. That doesn’t mean a new job every 6 months but maybe something changes within a job/relationship. It has been a challenging time the last 5 years, yet a good time. Lots of learning. Lots of fun.

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