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Buddhist Thoughts – being better

Happy New Year again!

I came across this quote and in all honesty I am not sure if I understand it totally.

If, in your course, you dont meet your equal, your better, then continue your course firmly, alone. Theres no fellowship with fools.

– Dhammapada, 6, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Does it say that if you are on a mission or project and you don’t think that you are meeting your equal, e.g. you are superior and better than everyone else, then you should continue as you were?

Alone. As no one is following you if you are a fool. So are we fools thinking that we are the best and better than anyone else I suppose?

Is that true? It reminds me a bit of NLP where you create your own map of the world. Where you make up your own ideas and thoughts and then you are the person in charge, you are going the way alone as you think this is the only right way. But maybe, it is foolish to go this way in the first place.

Have a think.