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Sunday Column (68)

Another Sunday, another week. I updated my URLs, I made huge progress at work, and I managed to get myself in order for personal development. Nope, I won’t go into detail but I am making progress across the board. Striving for perfection πŸ™‚ This week was busy, no doubt. Monday started with a proper day back in the office after being out and about for over a week. So after a good catch up and sorting out some admin stuff, I managed to see our new office on Tuesday. I am very excited to move into the new place. My new staff and I measured the place and made plans, still not being able to decide on the right “coffee maker” – difficult decisions ahead. We are moving on the 1st of July πŸ˜‰ Now, I guess the highlight of the week was yesterday. Colin’s first birthday. We were hoping to get everyone together in the park for a picnic, but the weather was miserable. My wife managed to entertain all mums & babies on Friday, and we did the “rest” together on Saturday. It was good to see the godparents and friends being there. Colin now waves, laughs, claps

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