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Wine from a friend – Bodegas Santo Cristo

Continuing my series about wine, I want to draw your attention to a wine from Spain. I am normally not the biggest fan of Spanish wines but this one is special: my good friend and multilingual search marketing specialist Oscar gave it to me.

It is wine from his home region in Spain, close to Zaragoza.

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The website for this wine can be found here: Bodegas Santo Cristo.


The Reserva, a blend of Garnacha and Tempranillo, has been aged for 14 months in American oak barrel followed by 12 months bottle refining to complete the aromas and taste.

It is a great wine and I enjoyed drinking a wine that is not available in this country 🙂 It makes it somehow special. It has tasting notes of cherry with violet and brownish tones. That is how it is described. For me it was a taste “up” from Rioja, e.g. red fruits with a heavy toasty note but complex fruity flavours. The tannis wasn’t very strong and the palate was very balanced.

Garnacha is a the typical Aragonese variety. This kind of grape, well cared and elaborated gives you an excellent quality wine with intense aromas of mature red fruits. The wines have a fruity raspberry aroma and a warm taste with a velvety and smooth palate.

Tempranillo on the other hand is a more extended variety of high quality. These wines have a marked and balanced acidity and a fine aroma and flavour, a bit of strawberries and wild fruits flavours.

Thank you again for this Christmas present which I enjoyed very much!

Next week I bring you another speciality, probably one of the most expensive wines I ever had 🙂