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Buddhist Thought: Explaining Dharma

Explaining many profound dharmas is easy; living them yourself is hard. – Adept Godrakpa, “Hermit of Go Cliffs”

Dharma is defined as the “state of law”, “things you do or agreed to do”, “laws you follow”.
Dharma is about the system that Buddha taught.

So going out there, like I do, and write about my inspirational or Buddhist thoughts on a weekly basis, is easy. I agree.
Living all of those is hard.

It is easy to think that you forgive everyone or that you are happy for your enemies. You know it is right.

But actually doing it?
Living by example?

I thought that in 2006 when attending Buddhist classes that I never really understood what Buddhism is about. I have now understood quite clearly what it is about. I like to think so anyway. But discussing Buddhism with a friend the other day, I realised that he was asking a lot of questions that I found difficult to answer. Those questions were about the difference between Christianity and Buddhism. My conclusion was that the main difference I could see is that Buddhism doesn’t operate with a god as such and is less formalised.

I am not sure whether I am right or wrong. I probably should meditate on that one a bit more.

But the bottom line is that it is much easier to explain Buddhism in theory than to live it.

Have a wonderful day,

Facing the Giants…

I finally watched the whole movie of facing the giants as described in my earlier post. It is a very motivational movie. However, I was surprised that is based around god and the love of god to make it a success.

With having lived in the US for a year a few years ago, I know how important Christianity is in the US and that it helps people to motivate. However, it does not matter which faith you are as long as you believe in something, and someone – yourself.

I am not a great believer in contemporary church but find my spiritual guidance through Buddhism. Latter helps me to stay focus, help others and be motivated in personal life as well as in corporate life.

What wonders me sometimes is that there seems to be this “YES WE CAN” attitude in the USA, the American Dream that just this week was supported by the first ethnic minority president to be in the world. A country that has this approach will always be more confident and be more successful.

In Germany where I grew up and I believe it is similar in most European countries, this attitude is not on the schedule for high school kids. It is more about “this is an American thing” and that is that.

Why are we not taking the positive attitude, the “can do approach” from our big brother and use it to make us more successful, more motivated and more focused in life and work. Without thinking that this is only done “elsewhere”.

I believe we need to incorporate the basic and underlying approach of this attitude in our daily lifes to motivate ourselves and to get where we want to be. No surprise that things like GTD, NLP, Turning Passion into profits are all coming from one country.

In my opinion most of those ideas are based around the basic attitude of reaching out for the stars and making things happen. And to have this vision of reaching things, not to show fear and stay focus. That is not rocket science, is it?