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Sunday Column (425)

A funny, mixed week that was. Lots of things going on at work and at home. Discussions, ideas, strategies. My head was spinning most days, days turning into a big blur. After two full packed days in the office where we made a lot of progress, I went off to lovely Milan. In the meantime the team even made more progress. I have the feeling we are winning. I know it is early days, just about a month in, but it seems like we are ‘getting shit done‘. It feels good. Ever since I helped getting Milan and Madrid off the ground for a company I worked for a few years ago, I love going to Milan (and Madrid). It’s the people, the city, the smell, the taste, the food, the wine, the atmosphere, the alps – and being able to visit my new company’s regional office there and spend some time with the guys, was wonderful. I truly enjoyed the trip, and I found it very useful and fruitful to bring things together, learning a lot too. The team is super advanced and I learned a lot. The flight was fun. After a rough night with kids waking me

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Sunday Column (128)

My head is spinning for several reasons this week. I had a interesting week with lots of things to think about, some work related and some private things. Let me start with the London riots. I published my thoughts and fears, as well as my Buddhist thoughts on it too. Without twitter and the update from our @beckenham community tweet, I think I would have been more worried. As David Cameron said, no one should be fearful in his own home. I would have fought for my rights and safety of my family and community. However, I never thought I had to feel like I did in the UK 🙁 This leads me nicely on to the next topic. For a while now I am debating with my wife and work, whether the UK is the country we want to work and live in. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with both my job and the UK, but after 10 years, I am thinking, whilst the kids are still young, whether we should try a few more countries before we make a final decision where we’d like to settle and bring up the kids. This is a decision

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Sunday Column (23)

I don’t want to start again with how quickly time is flying. So let me express it another way – I don’t believe it is Sunday – again. And, it is August already! Ok, I stop, here is my weekly wrap up: I truly enjoy my new job. It has been 4 weeks and I am getting to the “busy” state. That is the state where I like to be, however I hope it won’t get too much busier for a while. One step at a time 😉 But in all honesty, it is great. The company has great people to work with and I had my first client meeting on Friday which I thought was great too, because we can offer so many things in and around digital! Anyway, it is weekend. On Thursday I had an MRI scan – that means my head was put in a tube and they scanned it magnetically. It gives you a cool 3D image of your head and the doctor can tell you whether anything is wrong with you. Which, from the first results, there isn’t. Without going into much more detail, some of my blood test results in March showed a

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