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It has been a few weeks since I joined Google+ or Google Plus. Do I like it? Yes and No. I am a big advocate of Google and Google Clouds. I have used their Picasa web album for many years, and the document suite for quite a few years too. I had a Google profile, know how log on to it and find out which YouTube videos I watched 3 years ago at 2 am on a Saturday night, and generally speaking my life is manifested in gmail and Google Calendar. Now, when I got the invite to Google+, and I still have invites if you like one, I logged on with my Google credentials. My profile picture was there, my Google profile became my “about me” page and all I needed to do is filling circles. Personally, I like the idea of Google’s circles. Instead of compiling lists of different visibility on Facebook, I just drag and drop my friends into these friendly shapes. It makes is easier. Things I haven’t figured out yet is why some people add me that I don’t know. Is that like following someone on Twitter? I follow people like Matt Cutts but would

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