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Sunday Column (273)

This week I could go on about another favourite topic: the weather. I was off work all week (annual leave) as it was half term. I spent lots of time with my boys and wife. But I had preferred spending it more outside than inside.

One of the highlights was supposed to be a daily bike ride and Legoland for the kids. The weather however put a damper on the first idea. Rain almost daily stopped me from exercising as much as I would have liked to. Legoland too – despite the regular entrance price for two adults and two children coming close to Β£200 – was weather dependent. So there was no way of going early in the week but we went at Friday instead.

Tescos’ Clubcard vouchers saved us a bunch and we had a fantastic day out – almost “on the cheap” yet not compromising a thing. The boys picked up a present each for being good during the week, not asking to play on the iPad. They held out quite long with C staying awake the whole journey home, arriving close to 9 pm. What a great day, yet most rides are too advanced for our wee ones, but they enjoyed just looking at some, building stuff or having fun running around or joining “easy rides” like helicopters, the submarine, or driving little cars. They had an amazing day – so did we πŸ™‚ We then spent all Saturday building the models we bought! Loved it!!!!

I am not complaining yet the weather has been awful. Swimming, bowling, soft play and lazy days at home seem to be the daily routine. Sorting some things that needed getting done around the house. Getting on top of life.

I enjoyed my break. The boys picked up German again. They had breakfast with me most mornings and I read the story every night. Much needed and much missed bonding time. We managed to catch up with the neighbours, did some errands, and really made the most of the weather.

I also decided to shave off my full beard. Not sure if the goat tee is the best option or if I grow back the full version. The latter seems to be fashionable at the moment, 2014 as the year of the beard.

Cast your vote! On Facebook it is 3:1 to grow it back….

Then there were two topics in the press that caught my eyes besides the European election which I don’t like to comment on. Politics are getting more ridiculous each year.
One is that they still haven’t found the plane. The Malaysian airliner wasn’t in the search corridor they anticipated – so where is it? Are any of the conspiracy theories true? What if someone hijacked it and flew it to a remote island? Or, is the ocean that vast that it could be anywhere? How can a plane disappear in the 21st century not leaving a trace. Maybe a way of testing some bigger thing….we might find out one day.
The other one is Apple buying Beats, a headphone brand appealing to younger people. If they reduce the average age of an apple buyer by maybe 2 years, the acquisition makes sense from a commercial point of view. Will it fit in with the brand and will Apple be able to innovate ahead of the game? Android and Samsung, Google and even Motorola are stepping up the game. I wonder if I might move back to Android at some point. Not for my laptop but maybe for my phone/tablet…..oh no chance…..or is there?

That really sums up a wonderful week I spend at home with the loved ones. Time to get my work head on again, look at my emails which I avoided all week. Just.

Have a great week, a nice start into June!



It has been a few weeks since I joined Google+ or Google Plus. Do I like it?

Yes and No. I am a big advocate of Google and Google Clouds. I have used their Picasa web album for many years, and the document suite for quite a few years too. I had a Google profile, know how log on to it and find out which YouTube videos I watched 3 years ago at 2 am on a Saturday night, and generally speaking my life is manifested in gmail and Google Calendar.

Now, when I got the invite to Google+, and I still have invites if you like one, I logged on with my Google credentials. My profile picture was there, my Google profile became my “about me” page and all I needed to do is filling circles.

Personally, I like the idea of Google’s circles. Instead of compiling lists of different visibility on Facebook, I just drag and drop my friends into these friendly shapes. It makes is easier.

Things I haven’t figured out yet is why some people add me that I don’t know. Is that like following someone on Twitter? I follow people like Matt Cutts but would he put me into a circle? Probably not. So it combines my circle of friends with my followers on Twitter. A “one size fits all solution”?

Then I haven’t figured out yet how to sync it with Twitter to make my life easier. However, having Google+ on your Android helps you upload any picture from your mobile directly to Picasa. Invisible to everyone, and a good backup solution.

Overall it combines a lot of useful things. It gives me a platform for my Google online account. Now the only thing that is missing is the collaboration and instant messaging that Google Wave promised, but maybe that feature will come back on top of Google Talk and some VOIP service.

I wouldn’t be suprised. Then again, I haven’t really tried the “hangout” yet, so I am still exploring.

Google+ has hit it off with users….

Google+ has hit it off with users the world over who wanted to get the latest slice of technology on hands. There is a delirious response to the search giant’s newest social networking service, which is hyped by many to deal a death blow…

The international business times published an article on Google+ with some quotes, including mine πŸ™‚

You can read the full article here.

Google Chrome browser download

Not sure if that is a good or bad idea.

I started the Internet over 10 years ago with Netscape which does not exist no more. Now, finally got used to Firefox which is an excellent browser, no trouble and lots of great add-ins, Microsoft launches their Internet Explorer 8. Wow, I remember using IE 5.5 or earlier I believe.

But, I don’t like IE and only use it for outlook web access as for Microsoft applications there is still an advantage using them. I got rid of Word, Excel, Outlook – instead using Google Docs and Open Office.

Now, today, Google will launch Google Chrome, e.g. Google offers a Google Chrome browser download.

First screen shots and descriptions can be find here. Even Matt Cutts recommends the following comic about Google Chrome.

My question is whether a Google browser will be all that good or just draws together the best of all browser. If so, why not? Only problem, we even share more information with Google and make them even more powerful. Much more than we ever shared information with Microsoft.


Let me know what you think. I need to try it πŸ™

Are we missing Search Engines?

Hello All,

As it is Friday afternoon and we are looking on how to improve our forum on PPC ManagementTherefore, we would encourage you to help us identifying any search engines we have missed out so far and you would like us to add to the forum and our list.

Anything else you like to ask/find out about PPC, join us in our forum today!

If you have already registered, here is the direct link.

Thanks in advance for your time and have a good weekend.