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Good intentions – living the life

I want to live, and of course who doesn’t? I have all good intention to prolong my life. I am conscious of my life and my body, my personal and spiritual development, and I am eager to see my kids grow up.

But, on the other hand I enjoy the odd cigar, I like my drink, and of course I enjoy the odd burger or fry up. Hence, whilst reading books about how to beat cancer by eating right, how to prevent diseases by eating correctly, and how to keep my energy household balanced in order to have a better, longer and healthier life, I thought I share my latest developments:

Sometimes we are living “a” life. Not the one based on our values, our intentions and our inner harmony. We just live and are too busy to notice that we just do that. We are good in ignoring the fact that we put on a few pounds, or that we stopped going to the gym.

From what we get in life we make a living. From what we give, we make a life. Through what I gain by giving to my children & family, and spending time with them, I get more out of life than sitting in the office. However, the latter is for me very enjoyable, and makes me a living.

One question someone asked the other day was, whether the life I am living is worth what I am giving up to have it. What does that mean? I believe that means, that if you are unhappy with your life, and you just do something, e.g. work, for the sake of doing it, you will never be happy. Only if the things you do are based on your values, and you enjoy doing them, you will strive, be successful and enjoy life. You will always have to compromise between a career and your family life, keep balancing both, or at least most of us do.

And on one of those notes, I decided guided on all those health and energy books, to change my diet once again. To lose weight. To drink less coffee. To smoke less cigars. For the sake of my children, for the sake of not losing out whilst being busy living the life that makes me a living.

The lasting change can only be achieved if I define the purpose (kids/health), face the truth (big gut/out of shape) and take action.

The latter lead to a food plan which I am trying to build into my routine.

Breakfast: remove Nutella and peanut butter and replace with protein shake, high fibre cereal/muesli.
Lunch: salad and tuna, couscous and brown bread, brown pita and humous
Diner: rye bread and spreading cheese (light), salads with tomatoes, feta, olive oil and cucumber, yogurts, odd bit of cheese
Snacks: assorted nuts, sunflower seats, apples, bananas, fruit

I hope that this diet and this change will result in some weight loss, a healthier balanced diet (of course there will be the odd indulgence and glass of wine), and a routine that sees me gaining higher energy levels.

Also, once the kids are in a more steady routine, I will go back to the gym, or do some form of exercise.

I have all the good intentions to make my life a life worth living. Enjoying every minute, enjoying my job/work, and giving time to (not only) my family but to life itself.

Have a good one,

Sunday Column (62)

Sometimes weeks just pass. And sometimes you don’t even realise they do. My week was driven by this weekend. Chilling out, a massage and going out for diner. I was so looking forward to it.

Work seemed almost secondary, but kept me very much on my feet with long hours in front of my laptop and blackberry. I went to Internetworld, caught up with many friends, networked and established new relationships. I had a few conference calls, meetings and …. half a day off on Friday πŸ™‚

Yes, it was my birthday. I am now officially 33 and getting old. Mid-life crisis I guess. Still no lottery win and still a mortgage, but hey, I am healthy, fit and happy. With my boy and wife, we spent a fantastic afternoon. Colin starts standing himself now, at least a bit, and he soon will get the hang of “high five” πŸ™‚ I just have to be patient.

I decided this week, that I will look more into productivity at the workplace. After reading and visiting the seminar of GTD (getting things done), I thought to myself that I already knew 90% of it before I read the book. With my NLP skills and my enthusiasm for efficiency and effectiveness, I decided I will develop my own seminar series. All in the name of cb consulting of course. So watch this space.

Now, there was my birthday this week too. Thanks for all the wishes. I have to say, and this is not meant in any negative way, that I didn’t feel like having a birthday. Maybe it is because you are happier with your son’s birthday, or other people’s birthday, but for the first time in my life, I really wasn’t bothered about the birthday at all. Ach well, we still had a great day and went to the London Aquarium. We wanted to do that for ages!

Besides the aquarium, we also went to London Borough Market. I got some lovely smelly cheese, some olives and the wife got herself some nice beers. It was great and we got home very late. Apologies to anyone who tried phoning Friday night.

Saturday I had a massage which was really important. My back is aching and I desperately need to do something about it. Afterwards I met a great friend for lunch, and later at night my wife took me out for some Greek food whilst our neighbour was watching Colin. A perfect weekend I find.

The weather changed dramatically on Saturday night: rain and clouds. So Sunday we spend the day doing what you do: shopping, visiting friends, playing with Colin and trying to avoid the rain πŸ˜‰

That is really it. Colin is teething and hence he is not in the best mood. But he stood himself this week, surely he will be walking before we know it. He also got his kilt, pictures can be found on Facebook.

With the bank holiday on Monday and a very busy week ahead, I hope you having a good night. We will have a cheese fondue with a nice bottle of wine. We have been naughty food and drink wise this weekend, but we truly enjoying it too πŸ™‚


Sunday Column (11)

Another week….another cold.

This week was another week “under influence” but instead of a boozy week I had a week of hell with the man flu. Luckily it wasn’t the swine flu, although sometimes I was looked at quite strangely sneezing in the tube. Or, sitting in the office πŸ™ – no happy work colleagues. I also twisted my back but things are almost back to normal now….


Monday was bank holiday. We celebrated it with our neighbours with little to no alcohol and had fantastic food. Unfortunately, the weather was not nice enough to have a BBQ but it is only May.

Wednesday we had a scan of our little one and we found out that he had finally turned. Wow, he is getting ready to come out now and it won’t be long. A friend suggested the 28th of May, and she is the same one that knew my wife was pregnant before we did. So not long now!

Thursday and Friday I had great conversations about my new job. No, I have no new job yet and think it will take a while. I am in this “paddling” phase where I am looking at opportunities and possibilities and looking to see where I want to go and where to go to best. We shall see, but I have ideas…. Next week will hopefully be full of revelations. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

On Saturday I finally got some time to myself. Jen and I re-arranged the living room a bit and cleaned the house. Tidied up the garden and got some things done we haven’t been able to do all week. Not sure where the time goes but it does go quickly, that is for sure.


Today was a nice day. I managed to have a lazy morning with the FT and a nice breakfast, superb lunch and cooking an Indian as we speak. A relaxing glass of vino and a quiet night in. I managed to cat nap after our Sunday walk for an hour on the couch πŸ˜‰ What a great day! Maybe I am getting set in my ways after all.

Have a good week, I expect it to be exciting!

Nepalese cuisine

I went with a friend of mine to a Nepalese restaurant in London, close to Euston Station.

Great Nepalese

Nepal is not the biggest country, however seems to be really nice. My friend visited it and people seem to be really nice. Definitely a country that is on my list, as it is so close to Tibet, maybe I can combine the two?

Anyhow, I have to say that the starter, Momo, a dumpling filled with minced meat, reminded me of a Chinese starter. The main course, garlic chili chicken with naan bread, reminded me more of the Indian/Bangladeshi kitchen.

It tasted fabulous and the wine on offer was better than at my local Indian. Definitely a plus. Also, it might be to note that the food seems lighter, e.g. not as heavy as a classic Indian dish.

Very friendly service and definitely recommended.

Brussels and an update on life

Hello again,

It has been a week of absolute madness. No, I love my job, but this week was far from quiet. But, it was good.

So, Friday night was relaxing, really chilling out in front of the TV. I know, I don’t normally watch TV but Friday was one of those night that I needed to. Which again showed me, that there is only stupid stuff on TV.

Saturday my wife and I went to Brussels. An early start at 5:30 to catch the Eurostar train from St. Pancras station. We arrived early and had a nice breakfast at Le Pain, a french restaurant chain doing amazing food. On the train itself we got another breakfast – I had booked first class since we were married for 364 days on Saturday. One year on Monday (I let you figure that one out :-)).

We arrived late in Brussels due to the recent fire in the channel tunnel. However, after initial problems with directions, we walked from Gare Du Midi to the Ported de Hal, up to the Palais de Justice (which unfortunately had scaffolding on it), down the Rued de la Regences, passing numerous Palais and Museums to the Cathedrale des Sts. Meichel et-Gurduie.

Not our most favourite town, very friendly and international though, given it is the capital of Europe (from a political point of view). We then visited the Grand Place, the main market place, had some moule and frites and continued with some chocolate shopping and further sightseeing around the town. Of course, we saw Manneken Pis.

We tried to go and see the Atomium but it seemed to far out of town. Therefore we had another rest with a waffle and coffee before we got a taxi back to our train. However, that train we were supposed to catch had a technical fault. They decided to cancel it and we were lucky and got ahead of the cue for new tickets back home. That was not until 22.30 when we arrived tired, full of food and wine from the train journey, back in St. Pancras. Allegendly we are now entitled to a free return ticket due to the inconvenience caused. Maybe we are going to the Christmas Market in Brussels after all?!

Our poor kittens were waiting for us, starving and very thirsty.

The pictures we took are put here: Picasa Web Album

However, my most favourite ones are below. We bought ourselves a new camera as well because the good one got a crack in the LCD screen πŸ™ and the very old one has a worse resolution than my mobile phone.

I found a great if not funny review of the camera on YouTube too. We really like it. The baby mode is great to take pictures with a soft and natural skin tone without using the flash. The video mode has sound, and the quality of pictures is just fine.

That is about all. After over 20,000 steps, equivalent to appr. 20 km of walking, we will take it easy today.

Have a good Sunday,