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Weekend in Scotland

Scotland the Brave – we went up to Inverness this weekends for a friend’s wedding. It was great. Finally we got out of the London mist and dived into the clear air of the Highlands and were part of an amazing day.

A friend got married, the couple and the people shared so much love and happiness that it was a fabulous day. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Although stressful at times to attend a few weddings this year, it is always nice to go, see friends, celebrate and have a good time. And at the same time having some time away from the normal everyday life.

Saying that.  We came home to a paddle of water – clearly from the washing machine. So I know what I am doing tomorrow on my day off 🙁

I will try to write more often, I have been busy as usual lately but I think it is worthwhile keeping in touch. Please, send me some comments and some views. BigBrother did about consultancy. Much appreciated.

Have a great week.