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Ballueder Thinks (2) – I believe in you

To believe in someone, you have to believe in yourself. That’s my opinion anyway. Did you know, according to Coach George Ravelin who was interviewed on Tim Ferris’ podcast the other day, not many parents tell their children that they believe in them. The coach, now 82, also talks about

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You and the Universe

Rhonda Byrne in the Secret Newsletter the other day wrote the following: Your job is you and only you. When you are working in harmony with the law, no-one can come between you and the Universe. However if you think another person can get in the way of what you

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I had a lot of Buddhist and spiritual thoughts this weekend. As you know I write another blog which is like an email exchange with a good friend: Balamadana. Today I wrote in response to Marcelo about Karma. There is not much happening today on a very slow, rainy Sunday.

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