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Highway Romance….

…or romantic highway.

What used to be the wild west and the carriage is now the car and the motor way. Or not quite?

I am just on my way back from York, about 2 hours on the train from London. No nice car, no carriage (luckily) but a great view from a comfy seat. Shouting children, young ladies and sleeping adults. Might take a nap myself in a while.

What has changed since the good old days of carriages, horses and the wild west?

For me: WIFI. I can sit in a train, watch the country side passing by, having WIFI access in the train (and that for free) and write on my blog about having a romantic feeling looking over the country side. How great?

England is actually quite pretty. Up here in West Yorkshire. Down in Kent. Just London seems to be different. Neither does it feel particularly English with many foreigners and accents (including myself of course) but also it is a different feel – it is a city. A big city. A city that has a lot of green, which can be romantic too but, compared to the green countryside, it will stay a “town”.

Not sure what I actually would like to say here but that England has a nice countryside. No doubt.

Best Wishes to London, be home soon.


We went on Safari – in Kent

Yes, I finally did what I have not done for sooooooo many years.

We went to a Safari Park in Kent. Port Lympne.

Last time I have done that was when I was probably about 10 years old. It was a beautiful day and my wife and I really enjoyed it. Only drawback – I think it is so mean to lock up animals these days. Not that it was different when I was ten but then I only saw the interesting side of things. Now I see the erratic behaviour, the sadness in the eyes of the monkeys.

So I am feeling in between liking the idea of animal parks and hating them. Living in London and being able to go to one, enjoy a day out and watchings some animals I have not seen for a while, or will never see in the wild, is great. Knowing the circumstances they live in, I might prefer not to see them at all.

Any thoughts?

sad Gorilla

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English wine

Just wanted to quickly sum up our Chartered Management Institute Trip to Chapel Down, a vineyard in Kent.

Unfortunately the weather was not too great, but we managed to get there in one piece, had a peak around the vineyard and the production site and then went to the most important part: the tasting.

We tasted a few wines:

  • Brut NV – a sparkling wine that is made similar to the one in the Champagne and it is really nice. My wife of course got herself a bottle.
  • Bacchus 2006 – a nice “table wine”, a white one from a German grape.
  • English Rose 2007 – a very lovely rose wine which even I liked a lot. I can picture myself sitting on our new patio, sunny Sunday, slurping some English Rose πŸ™‚
  • Rondo Pinot Noir – very oaky and similar to a Burgundy. Not 100% my taste but nice.

With lunch our table tried another White, the Bacchus Reserve 2006 which was stronger in taste but not necessarily much nicer.
Coming from Germany I tried the Downland Velvet 2005 which contains Dornfelder grapes….not my taste at all. It shows, see older post, how much I move away from German, even wine wise.

That sums the trip up well. Had a snooze on the way back in the bus and had a nice Cabernet Sauvignon at night – nothing beats a CabSav πŸ˜‰

Have a good day,