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Sunday Column (137)

Going back through the week makes me realise why I feel a bit run down. I had 39 degrees temperature on Friday, sleeping 13 hours – a proper 24 hour flu or as Wikipedia would put it: ILI = influenza like illness. I was feeling better on Sunday: so back in the ring tomorrow.

Friday I took our Volvo down to the dealership in Orpington. The dealer we bought it at in Croydon annoyed us, so I needed a trustworthy dealership. Unfortunately, Kwik Fit took 4 weeks to find out that the noise we kept hearing came (allegedly) from the transfer box. However, taking the car to the dealer, they couldn’t place the noise at all. I wait to hear back on Monday. So Kwik Fit is definitely crossed off my list for anything but maybe tyres – did I mention they slacked off the cheap braking pads that were on my car which they themselves put on last year?

Never mind. The car really stressed me out I admit. Not least as we were supposed to visit friends this weekend too. I just still not understand how some companies can be so careless. With Kwik Fit for that matter, I had a conversation on Twitter, then with the customer service team over the phone, then with the area manager, and when I collected my refund I was told that they had a few complains unless the garage manager is in. Bad process management but not my business I suppose.

Other than that my work is busy which is great. But the main problem we have is recruiting. We are looking for media sales people (and I know a few actually read my blog and mention this in interviews). Sales people who are selling to agencies, know how to deal with media planners and maybe have sold network solutions before. Media sales people with display experience. Those are hard to get by as it seems. We only recruit what we would think of the best people and whilst there is a huge unemployment rate in this country, there is a shortage of staff in the digital industry. It seems paradox but the whole industry seems to be the same. It also results in salaries being paid that go beyond any sustainable level – I believe that the industry will be in for a big surprise when salary levels drop to a “normal” level again. We shall see. Dot com boom number 2?

These are all my thoughts this week. I am still recovering this weekend, not making it easier for my wife me by being useless at home at the weekend.

I keep you posted.
Best wishes,