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Living in a new world โ€“ Days at home (49)

49 days. 7×7 = 49. Week 7.

Letโ€™s start with some impressions from the weekend. Glorious sunshine on Friday and Saturday, saw us getting some fun times in ๐Ÿ˜‰ I started the long weekend with a long overdue catch up via Zoom with my uni friends. A few beers got the weekend off in style. I enjoyed the bank holiday weekend being on a Friday. We – socially distancing – spent the day on the street, chatting with neighbours, and celebrating VE Day. What a laugh.

Aboveโ€™s pictures include the new shelf/desk for the living room. Not planned to get this for home working, we ordered it prior to the pandemic and the delivery date got pushed back. The original plan was to have the main computer sitting in the living room to a) have more control of the boys, and b) free up space in the spare bedroom AKA my office. Given the home working situation, and home schooling situation, we probably keep the current set up until the boys return to school. Once they do, it will mean we get more space in the spare bedroom abandoning a desk, but also using the bigger desk top on my desk….in other words, I upgrade my office. I cannot wait ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, the announcements from our prime minister about easing the lock-down are still settling in. Maybe I write about that tomorrow.

Stay safe, be well.

Living in a new world โ€“ Days at home (15)

What a day – it is getting quieter.

I believe Easter paired with the lock-down results in quieter days.
The boys are off for Easter, and there is no co-working space atm. They are relaxing, as kids should do on their holidays.

With the events unfolding and the PM being in hospital, I spoke to a few people today who think this is terrible. It seems to hammer down the message how serious the situation is. We all hope, like his politics or not, that our PM will recover. Sending good wishes.

The weather is cracking. We went for our daily walk. We did some smaller errands and I had a day preparing some of Ballueder Partners work. There are a few days left still on my contract, but the majority will be done after Easter, when things will hopefully pick up again.

Stay safe. Please.

Living in a new world โ€“ Days at home (2)

Day 2 was a lot more challenging. Particularly for daddy, as he had to juggle a bit of work with arty stuff where the boys needed help.

We managed and started off with some exercise, the Body Coach live streamed on Youtube. It was fun, however the boys, see picture below, weren’t too impressed. Given daddy still does his 5 am routine, he got extra exercise in, and that made him even more tired ๐Ÿ™ For tomorrow, we are looking at a different exercise, e.g. footie or a 7 minute workout. Let’s see.

It’s fun watching the older one designing a poster to boost morale….during the 2nd World War, not Corona. I guess it is a bit more of the same, just the enemy is different, and invisible. I post about that tomorrow on LinkedIn, so watch out for a post there.

We managed to drink more water today, so mummy will be pleased. However, we also left some homework for her to do too ๐Ÿ™‚ Sowing was never one of daddy’s strengths.

Last but not least, daddy had to rush off to the dentist and left the daily walk to mummy. Another gorgeous day, just a shame we are all on lock down now.

We get through this, more improvements tomorrow.

Stay safe,