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congratulations Boris

Congratulations to Boris Johnson who won the mayoral elections in London. Needless to say that I support him.
Sorry, Ken, you have done a great job but 8 years are enough and it is time for a change.

Not sure but my Turkish friend said that Boris’ grandparents are from Turkey. It shows once again how multicultural London is.

Boris, lots of luck. I liked your winner’s speech! Let’s get things moving in London and get the city where it belongs – to one of the top cities to live in.

I have not always supported London that much but I spoke to a South-African yesterday and she said that you get this dip in London when you do not like the city. Usually happens after a year and a half. That seems to be the breaking point. From there you either leave it or love it. Clearly I love it.

Roll on 2012 and let us show the world what a great host we can be for the Olympic Games.

Free Tibet, too.


I am all excited. Internetworld is going ahead tomorrow for 3 days in London.

When building up today I noticed that this show is very diverse – from ecommerce to email to search to cms…. – I am all curious to see whether it can keep the record of 10,000 + visitors from last year and going ahead over 3 days. If it does and proves successful, then Internetworld might be the number one show in size for the online and digital marketing industry in the UK.

Of course, WebCertain will be there, booth E263, speaking on Wednesday at 16.00 in the seminar sessions about global search. We will also promote our International Search Summit – a good chance to grab one of the still available seats.

Meet me over the next 3 days in Earls Court 2!