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Sunday Column (510)

I wanted to publish a different post this week. As you can imagine I have a lot of thoughts and love writing to comprehend them, to work through new input I am getting from podcasts, work and life in general. That’s one of my things. My creative outlet. So there are always a few posts in the pipeline. But then a few things happened which made me think, and I wanted to share those thoughts.

After last weekend’s 20 mile run, I wanted to run 22 miles on Friday. However, I came down with the man flu, aka as a common cold, and therefore didn’t run. I guess I am ready to go the marathon distance already, but will have to do a 22 mile run before the event. Hopefully I am better by next weekend to tackle that one.
And, we are lucky with the dry weather. The crystal clear air, filled with cobwebs and mist, that slowly burns away by a low standing sun. It’s mystical almost. One of my most favourite times of the year, and I was told that San Francisco is like that all year around. Wouldn’t that be nice?

In Germany we celebrated the reunification, it must have been 29 years since the wall came down. We plan a trip to Germany again soon. I want to show the boys the fatherland, introduce them to Berlin, some history. I couldn’t imagine to ever go back and live there but I want to at least experience it. So as a matter of fact, I am looking forward to it. Hope the boys and the family will like it too.

A podcast I recorded with a German living in Los Angeles this week, brought up the topic of greater German (or any nation’s) collective unconscious. Allegedly it takes 7 generations (or 140 years) for it to clear. So Germans still look at the Great Depression and two worldwars in their collective unconscious. That would explain some of the stereotypes and values I see in myself as well, like a need for security, cautious, not wanting to make mistakes, and being the good person. Interesting isn’t it? Or it is over-interpretation? It’s difficult for me to compare that to any other nation of course. The inheritance of a nation or even family, I remember studying family constellations at university, is a highly sensitive yet fascinating topic. Watch out for the podcast with Conni when it goes live, I really enjoyed that conversation.

Life goes in cycles, and there is only one certainty. This week I learned that an industry friend died at the age of 49. When I attended the industry trade shows recently, I saw him and we had a chat. This week I also caught up with a mentor who had health problems when I was working for him. It was good to see he is better for now. Those moments are when you pause for a second, take a deep breath in, and breathe out. I don’t know about the exact circumstances, but I know that in our small industry I know a few people, and we are close. We look after each other, and it is always with great sadness to hear someone passing away or being ill. It affects me. One reflects on priorities, the focus we discussed a few weeks back. One thinks about their own lifestyle, health choices and how long one might have back on the clock. And then it’s business as usual, isn’t it?

So a bit of a melancholic week almost. Taking a flight on a Saturday missing a family weekend isn’t nice but to see a bit of the world prior to a conference makes up for it. Monsoon season though 🙁 A weekend to myself, 10 hours of uninterrupted time on a plane. To relax, reflect, write, read and sleep. What’s not to like?

I will tell you all about it next week. For now, have a great week, enjoy the autumn and stay well.


Sunday Column (305)

The first week back is always a struggle. Changing from a 6 am lie in to a 5 am start, new physio exercises, new weight routine and the blimming man flu. Got a few 8 hour sleeps to recover and feel like the week has passed by very quickly. Managed 10K without too much pain at the weekend. Struggled a bit though, coughing and all. But needed to be done.

So besides the car playing up and needing repair and the usual commute, a busy start at work and lots of meetings, there is not much to report. The family is well, the weather was mostly ok but we got some rain and I didn’t miss the booze at all. Drinking is all about habit, having a glass of wine at the fire at night instead of juice. It’s not that you need to have it, and if you did that would be a big problem I suppose.

Regarding the car: we also, additional to last year’s repairs, need a new alternator which wasn’t picked up at the major service. Dispute with the Seat garage too, trying to charge me for a diagnostic which according to the Seat website is part of the major service. Yet, the garage says they only do a visual inspection. To be continued… There is nothing more than bad service that I hate, and people trying to rip me off. Working client facing, I am disgusted, particularly after very bad experience with Volvo a few years ago. Anyway, let’s not assume too much for now.

Yet this week was somewhat funny. Amongst all the daily routine, there were calls from people, visits to people, meetings with friends and clients that suggests one thing, and one thing only: 2015 is going to be exciting. It seems like the digital world is ready to ramp up in Europe!

I can’t put my finger on it yet. Whether this is job related, money related (lottery win?), or exciting in some other, maybe sad way? But when I look back in a year’s time, I will surely say, 2015’s excitement was all about ???.


This is a good feeling to have. New year resolutions are all fine given we are a week in. That means no take aways yet, no alcohol, little carbs and some exercise at least. But that is nothing that has changed from last year with the difference of having less steak for lunch as the Christmas lunches are over. All sushi so far. I am confident to drop a few more kilos over the next three month. Bikini figure for the summer they say 😉

Ok, enough of that 🙂 It is great to see how the kids grow up and being able to spend quality time with them at the weekend. Let it be experiments (Colin got an engineering kit from Oma and Opa for Christmas) or watching Tarzan, cuddling because the wind is a thunderstorm, or taking the dog for a walk. Fun, shared experience and lots of love and happiness. That is what it is all about. When you are on the couch, cuddled up with two little boys and a puppy, the fire is on and you watch an emotional movie. Why not just enjoy and let go. Forget about the negativity and bad things in life.

I leave you with those thoughts as there are too many bad thoughts out there this week: the awful things that happened in Paris, the drowning of two people in Brighton over the weekend.

Stay safe! Enjoy and live the moment.

Sunday Column (53)

Another week being ill. It was a struggle this week as my cold (man-flu) seemed to get worse rather than better. Of course I survived but had some very tough days. Also seemed to have another stomach bug over the weekend, nothing serious but just not feeling right. Will that EVER stop 🙁

I stop moaning now, but cannot help it, can I? I haven’t been to they gym at all but was surprised to only have 100 kg on the scales. Maybe not eating all these greasy meat really made me loose some weight? Hopefully I can be back to the gym sometime next week.

Work wise this week flew past. Although a few meetings got postponed, we made huge progress and I am very pleased with it. Fingers crossed, I really enjoy it.

There is not much else to report from the week. I didn’t do much else outside work. However, Volvo Doves Croydon, our car dealer where we bought the car, pissed me off by not offering me the warranty they said they would. I escalated things and now got a 12 months warranty as promised. Still to hear about my promised 12 months RAC membership 🙂 I decided to wait until Monday lunchtime for them to call me back. However, I will have a nice blog post ready by then, and of course will make sure their parent company and Volvo will get a copy. I don’t like to be lied to. And, I expect better customer standard than that from an authorized dealer. Maybe my expectations are just too high.

Maybe some words about my wee man: Colin. He has been loosing weight, or really, he has been growing a lot. He is robbing around on the floor, still backwards. He is so much fun to play with, to look at or just to watch. He manages to move from one end of the room to another without any trouble but still needs to figure out how to crawl forward. He got stuck under the table today. The only drawbacks at the moment is him trying to wiggle himself out of getting dressed, changed and washed. He can be a real pain – but a lovely one of course. We really adore our wee man!

Then it was Jen’s birthday this weekend. We managed to get a friend to babysit so that we went to our most favourite Thai place in Beckenham. Jen also went for a head massage and pedicure and got a surprise present. I am getting better at this whole birthday things, I think anyway 🙂 We had a really good weekend, and enjoyed time together, although she didn’t feel too good either.

Off to another week. It is raining a lot and with the earthquakes and all you sometimes wonder about global warming. Or we don’t really, do we?

Sunday Column (38)

What a week. “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen“, Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Starting with that quote, I am sitting here and reflecting on a big bang start to a week. Although I felt very knackered with my man-flu last weekend after I was in the garden and all, I went out after work on Monday and did some excellent networking. I actually was sitting there with my bottle of cough syrup and thought, tomorrow things will be much better. However, on Tuesday I ended up feeling more tired. I almost didn’t go in on Tuesday but I had important meetings. Tuesday night my wife went to see a movie, so I stayed in and thought whether I should go to work at all on Wednesday.

Since I met our head of strategy for breakfast, I decided to go in, and like it is with colds, the earlier you get up, the better you feel. However, that feeling was over from Wednesday lunchtime and the aches got worse with the result that I had to cancel a client’s invite on Wednesday night, went home early from work and were off sick on Thursday and Friday. Now, you know me, I cannot sit still and do nothing. Being off work is bad enough. Although I know that my boss trusts me, I still think someone might think I take the mickey. Which I would not! But, Thursday in all fairness, I slept most of the day. Just around night time I got a bit more awake. And I was glad not to have gone to work. I believe I managed to sleep most of it off but Friday I still slept all afternoon.

SchweinebratenSaturday, now I find that interesting, I felt better when I got up in the morning, went to get my massage but then noticed that my head rushes had gone whilst my cold, e.g. runny nose and cough, got worse again. The boy and I had a long snooze in the afternoon watching the Domino championship. In the evening I made some nice roast pork with crackling.

Enough of a moan about my man flu now 🙂

Over the last week I thought a lot about my blog post of the six basic human needs and what my values and my goals in life are. Whilst I only published this post on Thursday, I wrote it last weekend. And, I noticed that whatever situation I am in to make a decision, these six needs are really helpful.

What else happened. Saturday was a horrendous storm and the window in Colin’s rooms started leaking again. So we need to examine it and maybe replace this window after all. Out of all windows in the house, this seems to be the only one that never got replaced. It got colder too, so we want to make sure Colin is warm enough. Our radiator in the bathroom, so we were told by the guy who laid down the new floor, would be leaking soon. However, we spoke to a professional and he said we shouldn’t worry. The usual worries when you own a house, you just have to make sure you are keeping it in shape and things are in order. With house prices slowly rising again, we don’t want to devalue the property by not maintaining it.

Also, I thought a lot about coaching and, as aforementioned, about goals in life. I believe to get closer to what I want to achieve and how. The latter is a good question and I hope to have some time next week to put more thoughts on coaching down.

From how I am feeling today I am confident to go back to work next week and be able to get through the week. I never had so many colds and whilst I would love to blame the boy, and this time he got the cold first, I believe it is also my weak immune system and the paranoia around swine flu.

Have a great week. I don’t have any more wine reviews lined up but hopefully will post some more on personal development shortly.

Buddha bless,

Good recipe against the man flu?

hot toddyOk, this is a link to a cocktail someone sent me this morning.

He suggested that it will cure my cold, but I am not sure if I really want to try it….maybe:


– Pinch cayenne pepper
– Pinch freshly ground black pepper
– 2 dashes Tabasco
– 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
– 1 dash soy sauce
– 50ml/2fl oz single malt Scotch whisky
– 1 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice
– Splash tomato juice, warmed through

Pour all of the ingredients apart from the tomato juice into a heatproof glass or mug and stir well. Top up with the warm tomato juice.

If anyone has tried it yet, and whether it has cured your cold, please let me know.

I swear on a hot toddy, e.g. lemzip, 2 spoons of sugar, a good size shot of whisky, potentially some freshly squeezed lemons, topped up with hot water. Drink it hot just before you go to sleep and start sweating 🙁 Not nice, but it helps.

Have a good weekend.