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Stress Management – Working Out

As it happens, and I have written a lot about stress management lately, my new Buddhist Chanting CDs arrived. Wow, super easy listening and makes me much more productive whilst working on proposals and presentations!

However, I found an article in the Metro again, this time about “Busy working, so no workout” – what is that about.

Well, it says that 4 out of 5, e.g. 80%, of all London workers only exercise half an hour a week instead of 4 hours. The latter is the recommended amount. The poll was amongst 2,500 employees from Fitstart.com. It showed that only 7% worked out correctly and the reason for it is….TIME!

Who would have guessed? Working hours in the UK are longer than anywhere else in Europe.

Working week figures, thanks to the Economist!
Working week figures, thanks to the Economist!

So managing stress becomes more important, particularly if you are working at lot and long hours. Sitting in front of a laptop/computer all day does not help. You need to achieve the work life balance needed by exercising regularly.

How am I personally doing? Not too bad, but could do better.

I go to the gym twice a week, on average a 45 minutes work out, plus 1 hour Tai Chi a week. Totalling just about 2.5 hours. Counting the escalators at Victoria and Kings Cross twice a day, I might even make it to 3 hours a week 😉 Not bad, is it? Not achieving my 10,000 steps every day. Currently sitting around 7,500 steps on average.

So overall, I should not complain. An enjoyable job, regular exercise and a healthy attitude to life 🙂 Stress Management I guess!

Stress Management – Music

As you can see, stress management seems to be a popular topic. Why?

I think it is because I get fed up being stressed about things. Work, home, cats, garden, house – whatever the case might be. So, I was looking for an article on stress management and music. I bought some Buddhist Chanting CDs the other day and noticed that listening to them in the background whilst working on proposals, presentations or emails, actually calms me down.

On this site there is a whole lot to read about stress relief management with music. It really works.

So I dug a bit deeper into something I did at uni: Brainwaves! I used to have this programme Brain Wave Generator installed on my laptop. Every time I got tired or could not concentrate on my studies, I used to listen to some “waves” to make me more active, more alert. It worked well. So I installed it again to see if it helps me with my presentations and proposals too. I let you know.

Stress is caused if you are in the beta brainwaves. So aim is to reduce the waves to alpha waves. And, music as well as this brain wave generator really can help you with that. The generator even offers headache treatment and increasing of creativity. Awesome.

It comes highly recommended from my own experience at uni, so why should it not work at work?


Managing Stress (2)

I want to complete the story about managing stress which I started on Wednesday.

How do we cope and manage stress so it does not affect our health nor our life style?

I guess one thing is the perception and your internal attitude towards things.

E.g. researchers still speak about negative and positive stress and some say that the latter should actually help us, similar to exercise. But the majority of articles say that it does not matter how you perceive stress, as in general it cannot be good for you.

However, if you think positive, you will be able to generate less stress. E.g. you cramp up less and you have less physical tension. That will help you to think clearly and get less wound up.

Exercise and hobbies – you remember in my last post I was writing about them. Yes, you need this all important time for yourself. You need that time and ideally combine it with a relaxing hobby, e.g. walking the dog or exercising. The latter combination would be best as e.g. exercising reduces your blood pressure combating heart diseases and if it helps you to reduce stress, it is a powerful healthy combination. Wow, we should all do it. I have done it but get too lazy doing it. Really, we just need to keep up the good work, don’t we? Ideally do it in a group. The group exercises I joined are more fun and you are more motivated staying with it than doing any exercise by yourself.


So looking after yourself, taking a break from work, not working through lunch and relaxing whilst you work will help you. Healthy food definitely contributes to that. Stay away from greasy, fatty stuff.

Also, if you were in a situation that causes stress, confront it. This could be anything from work to your relationship. Don’t ignore the problem. Make sure if you travel to sort things out in advance and not to leave it until it is too late, e.g. be organised to get your passport, visa and immunisations sorted!

And, that is really it. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it?
I believe that in order to successfully manage stress you need to be aware of the problem, discuss and tackle it and get on with it. You need to create a healthy work life balance. With the right balance you will even be better at what you are doing, e.g. your work or studies.

So get on with it. Live it!