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Sunday Column (441)

Another Monday morning. Yes, this time it is Monday. I am squeezed between two fellow train passengers on the way o London. The train is busy, smelly, and someone’s phone is pinging every other minute. Can’t people just silent their devices. It is sunny and I try to balance my ipad on my knees. After a busy weekend, where I got exhausted planting some plants in the garden, uncovering more stones, roots and relics from the past under our lawn, I am on my way back to work. No travel abroad this week which is nice. However, today it feels a bit like bravery. After the attacks on Saturday, terrorism once again came closer to home. I was in London 2005. London and Manchester. London again. This wasn’t the last time someone decides to strike. Our police force arrived and shot the terrorists within 8 minutes. Wow. I am impressed. In a city where you normally need that time to get out of the tube, this is impressive. London is prepared. And we Londoners, even if I live outside London, are not impressed yet don’t let it bother us. Or maybe it is better phrased to say we are bothered

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busy bee

Hello, Apologies for being so quiet. Just been busy. Work during the week and evening commitments but also, this weekend, saw our spare bedroom disappear into about 6 boxes, the windows cleaned and the garden furniture putting in place. Countdown to moving is 14 days, even less now. Wow. Things speed up once of a sudden. So been a busy bee. Trying to find some nice wine online, bought half of Majestics on Saturday to get a nice variety of Chilean, Spanish, Portuguese and some Argentinian wines in. Ach well, love my vino. Saturday also saw me stocking up on my most favourite coffee beans. Brazilian, Columbian and Puerto Rican Coffee….. Have a great weekend. Volker

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