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Sunday Column (509)

What a great week, wasn’t it? Sunny, yet cold mornings. Proper autumn with lovely sun sets. Nothing else to ask for. I felt I made a huge leap at work, and my marathon prep is going well. I left the house early Saturday before dawn, had some lights on, and came back about 3 hours later. 20 miles done, some walking though. This was tough. I call this success, or achieving means goals, goals that mean something towards an end goal. That’s a new thing I learned this week. The end goal is the achievement of running a marathon, the means goal is to hit 20 miles. As satisfying as it is, it is bl* hard. But let me have a rant at cinemas, or showing my pure ignorance that I don’t understand the value it brings to me. I work in advertising and I love it. But when I go to the movies, I hate the ads prior to the movies. You cannot skip them, and I always wonder how relevant they are. First of all, you almost always rush to the movies, get there just in time, and your boys want sweets. When you finally settle in your

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Steven Seagal

I shouldn’t admit it, but there is nothing that makes me more relaxed and chilled but watching a Steven Seagal movie whilst having a pizza and a nice wine. Unfortunately, my wife thinks otherwise! Here are a few impressions I like to share. It is just literally a “no brainer” why those movies relax me 🙂 The extract is from the “Above the law”, aka Nico. The next video, and you find many more on YouTube, is about Seagal talking about Buddhism. Whilst the title says he claims to be god, he is just in sync with his spirituality. Enjoy.

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Knowing – or not knowing?

We went to the movies at Easter, watching Knowing with Nicholas Cage. Hmm, what should I say without giving too much away. A very interesting movie. When children are asked to draw a picture about “what the future looks like”, one girl writes numbers all over a sheet of paper. All those sheets of paper are put in a time capsule and 50 years later, 2009, they are opened. The numbers get a meaning of disasters and….the end of the world. However, this time it cannot be saved but the love and happiness and our species are being able to be saved. How? I cannot give it away. Part scary part cheesy. But it is all for the better. The biggest question for me was whether it is feasible. If we knew what was coming, then surely Nostradamus was the one to believe? I read a book a few years ago about his life and his prophesies but I am not sure that people just interpret too much into his vision. Did he foresee 9/11? Surely not. Or if he did, would we like to know that the world comes to an end tomorrow? For me, watching the movie at

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