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New Year Column 2020

It’s 2020 – so what’s now?

Happy New Year, and maybe a happy new decade. If you ask some people, the decade doesn’t start until the year 1, e.g. 2021. If you ask me, let’s go for it and call it the roaring 20ies. I always admired the 1920ies, and when did they begin? 1920 or 1921.

We are in times of change. Having started the delivery of my first mindfulness course, I noticed two key learning points already. One was that I have been involved in meditation and mindfulness since 2006. I have studied, practised and developed my mind. This, in all fairness, probably made me cope better with life, and what life threw at me, over the years. I haven’t suffered a burn out or depression, and I am grateful that I didn’t. But mindfulness has been a key part of my personal journey and I feel privileged to teach it to organisations, individuals and showcase the benefits in our ever hectic world. If you are interested in finding out more, please download my pdf on my website about mindfulness.

The other point I noticed is a quote from Eric Schmid. In 2010, so 10 years ago, he said that we generate the same amount of data in 2 days that we did from the beginning of civilisation to 2003. This has surely increased since, and I am not sure what that is in MB, GB or whatever ‘measure’ you have to give it, but the sheer amount of data and information we have is too much. The mind is not made to cope with that long term.

Steve Jobs

2020, a year where the information overload probably more than doubled, e.g. exponentially increased, since 2010. This is a year where I want to help more people coping with that. Whether that is through my involvement in Moment Pebble, Coaching or Mindfulness. However, I continue to consult with a few companies, and still love the buzz of my old industry.

Particularly, there is one company which goes from strength to strength where I can add so much value. That means opportunities and I am a bit torn where 2020 leads me. At the same time I am exploring new industries, the ones that can cope with the information overload, and are able to use new technologies to make sense of it all. There are two conversations I had this week which were mind boggling. One I don’t want to talk about yet, the other is at the forefront of building a new industry on my doorstep.

And maybe, we can connect the dots looking backwards in a few years time. Wouldn’t that be great?

If I say it is an exciting time to be alive, it sounds very cheesy. But I believe it is. When you start to connect your calling with what you do, you create an energy and momentum that really catapults you forward. And, there are more plans for 2020. Let’s just see.

Sunday Column (419)

I hope you enjoyed my new blog post on Thursday: THURSDAY FLASH, where I wrote about what I enjoy reading, and which information I found useful over the past week.

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Funny picture for my blog

What is next?

What is happening in 2017?

We had the Brexit, Trump takes office, the world hasn’t really moved since the New Year. So essentially, we are still in 2016.
No! This year has already been busy. At least it has been for me. Constructive, forward looking meetings, discussions and idea exchanges. I am buzzing after this week about opportunities out there, and changes to come within the industry. The world. Let’s embrace the change and let’s make 2017 a never to forget year, for the right, positive reasons.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of good will, help and support in the community. What ever happens next, I will never forget and pay back to the community whenever I can. Thank you and a shout out to friends, helpers and mentors out there. One of the best meetings this week was a discussion around ‘gut feeling’ and ‘you know what is right’ with a very experienced industry veteran. We are all the same, and we just need to trust our guts more, our instincts, our bodies, our minds. They already know what is right and what is wrong for us. Interesting isn’t it?

What about my New Year resolutions?

I don’t have any to be honest. Why? I will continue to work out, and try to reduce my weight again and trim up. Get in shape. Work on a new exercise routine. So if I talk about weight, this means more physique/circumference/body shape than absolute weight itself. Weight itself is not as relevant, key for me are measurements and fitness level. Back at the end of 2015 I was measured to have the metabolic age of a 23 year old. Did I mention I turn 40 this year? My aim is that by summer I shall have a similar fitness level, eat more healthy again, drink less etc. The usual. And I will do that, as I have done it before, particularly as I haven’t really slipped up too much. I need more of a constant reminder. Every now and then I get a cold or a temperature and stop doing weights, it gets colder etc, but I always keep my fitness up. I am actually thinking of buying some more equipment for body resistance exercises in order to increase fitness levels. We shall see. I also aim to do another 24 hour race which I couldn’t do last year. So things moving along nicely on that front.

Then, the other big thing this year is to focus on family. I think I realised that living where we are living, having the job I love and the career I want, I need to focus on the weekends to spend time with the boys and my wife. The week is just not feasible to calculate arrival times for trains, particularly with the train strikes, and calculate work commitments. The only other way is to move and we are not going to do that. So weekends are family time, Monday to Friday is all about exercise, work and commute, latter being me-time with lots of readings and podcasts and personal development. Maybe another book to write 😉

Overall, I just want to improve my life style even further, progress with my career and give my family the best life. All I want is to make life work – based on our expectations, values and commitments. Simple really. And this is more ambitious than it sounds. Just think about it for a bit. I am not thinking I am demanding a lot, but it is complex to align everything that is going on in your life to make it ‘perfect’ (or close to it).

I constantly improve myself by working and checking against my quarterly goals and objectives. I track my progress and make amendments to both expectations and execution to achieve those objectives. My resolution is changing daily/monthly/quarterly, as I constantly try to better myself. I try to freshen up my toolkit on a weekly basis to sharpen the saw, as Covey would put it in the “7 habits of highly successful people”. My daily exercise, both physically and mentally, is part of that. A new addition is a daily journal to recap of what I appreciate in life. I use “Gratitude Journal”, the top one on this list of Gratitude Journals, for it.

And Dry January? I still hadn’t decided when I started writing this blog but had a glass of wine on Thursday. It is good to take some time off alcohol, but it isn’t as if I drink excessively. I enjoy a drink, particularly over Christmas and New Year, but during a ‘normal’ week, it is good to just have a glass or two every now and then to relax, chill out, or chat with people, being social. Nothing wrong with that. So on to 2017.

So that’s my blurb for the week really. A quiet, yet intensive and fairly busy start in the year. You might have seen my Thursday Flash which is my newest bulletin about articles I think are worth reading each week. I started collecting them and publish about three or so articles, related or not, that I found a useful read each week. Please let me know what you think.

Picking up the earlier comment again: A lot of things feel right at the moment. Some feel wrong. Some feel like they are moving in the right direction. Trust your feelings, and trust you being you. Because you are the one that knows you best.

Enjoy yourself,

Sunday Column (418)

Happy New Year. Hope this year turns out to be what you are wishing for. I have been waiting for this year to happen since I was a small boy. Yes, I am turning 40 this year, and it was always going to be a mile stone for me. Oh dear, you cannot stop time, and why would you want to? It has been a great journey so far, and I just continue to enjoy the ride whilst it lasts. I believe it was Tim Ferris who put a thought in my mind the other day: if you live to 90, that means you have about 2,600 (52*50) weekends left – or he used other examples of less occurring events. Time doesn’t stop and we all have the same hours in the day. Make the most of it. Work, live, be happy and make others happy. And that’s the key for 2017 for me I suppose.

Darren Hardy is talking about looking back, to take stock and move forward into the new year. I do. I naturally do and enjoy looking back. For me, from a professional point of view, 2016 was a great experience and learning. I finished a job this summer after 2.5 years. It was a successful one, 3 company names, one acquisition and a lot of evangelisation. I enjoyed that, deeper discussions around data and more channel sales, an interesting product. Then my first consulting project. Privately, I enjoyed it too. The boys are growing up, some great family holidays, lots of improvement in the house and I sometimes even sit there and go ‘what next‘. What will 2017 bring.

I have dreams and hopes. I have plans. I want to achieve more. I am far from done with my life or ambitions. Coming of age, I am entering the most existing times of my career, the second 10ish years. Time to put the pedal down and change the world. A job and idea at a time. I am excited about my career, yet it needs to fit in with my life, e.g. the kids’ and wife’s ambition. We work it out. We always have done, we always will. You must trust in the future, in life moving forward and the great universe to assemble to make it work for you. And things in life come at the right time, they come to you for a reason, and things happen for a reason. I am a strong believer of that and have a lot of faith. Many moons from now we will be looking back at life and paths we took, just to realise what we learned. That is taking stock. I do that yearly. And I examine a lot, and question and accept a lot.

We must choose and win. We cannot stop and smell the roses all the time, yet never forget to do it regularly. No one said life is easy. It certainly isn’t. But it isn’t that difficult either if you are organised and willing to give. Coming of age I notice the changes I have been through and changes of which I know others went through too. Life is similar for most of us, some are open about it, some are not. And whilst you keep meeting the same characters, you also find new mentors, new guidance and gain new input and understanding. Life is funny like that. But I am a big believer of embracing it. I am keen on challenging myself in 2017, publish my next book on productivity, and also start writing on my next book idea. I cannot stop thinking and improving and working. I love what I do.

So as this year is coming to an end, I came to a hold a bit. The last week I was standing still. All my energy was put towards the family, some reading and meeting friends. Wow. No emails, no work, no powerpoint, no strategy discussions. Just going with the flow. Looking back and realising how lucky we are. How others haven’t been that lucky. Some who lost their fight with cancer, some who won their fight. Life and death are so close together and, besides the celebrity deaths across the UK and Germany, there were some personal losses too. I used my downtime to refocus a bit and decide on what 2017 and beyond should look like. Let’s hope for it to be good and long lasting dreams.

Come Tuesday life is back. I got meetings lined up, things to explore, and hopefully decisions to make.

For you and yours, all the best for 2017. May your dreams and wishes come through.

Love and Kindness,

Sunday Column (252)

Back to school tomorrow….or work really…I remember those days when it was school and not work; when it was fun to see your friends again and tell them what you got for Christmas. It’s not that different I suppose when you go back to work. A small industry, close friends, fun and rumours about who buys whom. A new year fuelled of IPOs, M&A and earn outs. Yet there will be new technologies coming to market, new companies moving in the media space. Whatever consolidates on top, will be filled by smaller and new companies entering in the lower, SME area. London sees an uplift in start ups and I recently saw another high tech incubator area, there are lots of brains out there.

2014 in my predictions will be a big year for IPOs and hopefully not another dot.com bubble. Technology and business heads have moved on from the mistakes and immaturity of 2001 I suppose. Let’s see. The ad technology out there is a lot more stable than over 10 years ago.


It’s a little bit like having a crystal ball and predicting the future. I watched an interview with Steve Jobs this week when he said that he cannot predict the future. At the time of the interview he said “I couldn’t predict maps and navigation on the iPhone as I didn’t know 5 years ago either existed”. Sure he might have had an idea but maybe not an exact knowledge of what’s possible. But that’s why I don’t know what I am doing in 5 years time, what my phone will do for me then and what else might be dominating my life. The only thing I know is that I am excited because I can be in the driver seat now to steer in the direction I want to go to. Forget the past, it has been, look forward and move on. Exciting times ahead.

My grandmother always said things work out as long as you put the hard work into something. I think so too. One builds for the future. The work you put in today will carry fruits in the future (German expression). And I believe in that.

I am not sure why I drifted into that sentimental, melancholic future forecast post now, but I suppose when you look ahead, what you want to achieve, you think about all facets of life. One questions the status quo, and one must forget the past. That’s done. There is no ‘what if’. You can only ever do as well as you can on the day. No regrets. Never, look forward, make it happen, things will turn out for the better. Or have they already?

This week I took some time to myself, maybe that’s why I am reflective, to sort out some challenges. We sold some furniture as well. Out with the old and in with the new. It is the change of year after all. To a new beginning. To change, new starts and the future ahead.


Have a good start into your work week unless you have been back already 😉

Happy New Year.


Sunday Column (201)

Happy New Year.

New traditions: curry night on the 31st which resulted in me ordering my first ever Vindaloo. Fantastic….but I didn’t finish the sauce 🙂 Then the following:

It happened. After years of thinking about it and living in a big city, we finally joined the National Trust. We got the car sticker and feel really mature. We have four venues close by and visited one on the 1st of January for a New Year’s walk (tradition again). Wakehurst (www.kew.org) which offers a fantastic scenery to walk your heart out. For our small family after being stuck inside with bad rain, this was a fantastic change in the winter sun. Three knackered boys and a tired wife 🙂


New Year Resolutions? No 🙂 I don’t really make any resolutions. Drink less, join a club, use my energy, keep exercising, be a good dad and husband and continue doing well in my job. Enough for me. Nothing specific to be honest. A few things I want to do, achieve and so on, but with the move this year, knowing it is going to be for 30 odd years, I am glad if I settle in, find a routine and get on with it. Go with the flow. Everything else can be done in 2014 😉

I had two weeks off. Yes, the first week I was checking emails, sorted some requests but it wasn’t a full day in the office. The second week, e.g. after New Year, I took off completely. That means for me to turn my work phone off (I hate having two phones but on those occasions it is unbeatable), and not checking any mails. A week with no work disturbance. Don’t get me wrong, I am not too bothered seeing emails or staying on top of things, it is more the factor to make clear to colleagues “I am off, leave me alone”. If you don’t send that signal and you are available all the time people expect you to be. And to be honest, I am not irreplaceable, am I? Maybe I should be? Never mind.

Now, the best experience over my holidays is simple: the boys. I enjoyed them cuddling in bed in the morning, sitting with them for three meals a day, watching TV, playing train tracks (less popular these days), going for walks, soft play, building castles, having chats, comforting them, telling them off.


I like to think I am blessed having two healthy boys at a great age. Whilst I cannot wait for R to be a year older and not needing a pram and nappies anymore, I don’t want to miss this “two year old” stage he is in. He just runs off, tries to grab attention, being stroppy, waking us up at night (less often though), and being a little “Quälgeist”, German for “ghost/spirit that annoys and pesters you”. A lovely little fella though and I love him to bits. He develops his own, very strong character, without me really noticing. His language is better developed than Colin’s at the time but he is less fore coming, more coy but cheeky at the same time. We shall see how he will be like in a few months.

Colin is a typical three year old, coming up to four years next summer. Trying to help mummy and daddy, educating Rohan and being the big brother. Very well behaved, or shall I say he knows when he oversteps boundaries. We still have to tell him off, but that’s quite normal. I love his statements like “not yet Daddy, 5 minutes” as if he had any sense of time. Or when we went for a walk and my wife had his frog (comfort blanket) coming down a steep hill, I said to C “should we just leave mummy up there”, he looked at me and said “my froggy”, he really got his priorities right 😉 He seems to understand German, speaks little and he slowly gets into that “why” stage and you can explain to him what’s going on in the environment. He wants to understand or learn what certain noises or things are. A great age.

I enjoyed the time off with the boys. Soon I am back at work and they are going to school and daddy time will be limited to the weekends. No point beating myself up about it, that is just the way things are and to make up for it, I need to be 110% there at the weekend. My dad was a teacher and home after lunch, so was my wife’s. So we both grew up having both parents around in the afternoon. I really had to work from home or locally but then I couldn’t do what I do now, and I wouldn’t want to miss that in the world. Probably a philosophical question, but whilst of course family and kids are more important than a career and self fulfilment, there is this bit in me that is very career oriented and likes to work (ever watched “Up in the air”?), enjoy moving up the career ladder. The best of both worlds is just not always possible but we are trying to make best possible arrangements.

I guess that sums up a great break. We met up with friends, had lots of fun and enjoyed quality time. The next long weekend is not too far away, then there is Easter, summer holidays, and before we know it, it is Christmas again….time flies.

Have a great 2013. A good start unless you were back to work this week. We looking forward getting our routine back and I look forward going back to work tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Inspirational Thought: Actions

The most important actions are never comfortable. ~ Tim Ferriss

Happy New Year again!

Making decisions is one thing.
Taking actions another.

Important actions in life are never comfortable. No matter the matter.
Important actions usually involve heavy decisions and exclusion of someone you like.

Make them as sensible as possible.
Make them wisely.

Seek understanding for important decisions and move on.

Have a great year full of actions.

Sunday Column (200)

The 200th Sunday Column. That makes it just under four years. I am happy and proud that I found an outlet by continuing to write this column which started as a blog about personal development, then a personal blurb to now a mixture of thoughts, ideas and my weekly thoughts about life – my blurb I suppose.

It is almost the end of 2012. Maybe a good time to reflect on what happened this year.

Milestones this year were probably in January when work announced that the company was sold to another company. Whilst it didn’t have too much of a direct impact this year, it will have a bigger impact next year. Exciting times ahead and I am happy in the space I am at. Also, we got a new car and after deciding to move away from Beckenham after over 8 years we found a place in Hassocks. We made an offer in January for a new place.


In February a mayor change happened. I split my private and personal phone, sold my HTC Android phone to work and got myself an iPhone. The rest is history. Two iPads and an iMac as well as AppleTV later… Steve Jobs convinced me from his grave, through his biography, that Apple is the way forward. I never looked back and I am amazed to see things just working perfectly together. Oh yes, I still have an iPod too from years ago…. My iPad is my productivity and laptop replacement I couldn’t live without anymore.


I am not sure if anything big happened in March but we were in the process of buying the new house. Things I believe came through in April and despite delays we moved into the new place in June 2012. Something which not only changed our lives but also was the best thing we have done (ever). Better schools for the boys, a proper family home, space, country life, country walks and a commute which helps me to unwind after a long day at work and lets me have lots of time to work and read in the morning. The train line is often a pain but other than that we cannot complain at all. 25 minutes to Gatwick airport, from there into the world.

I turned 35 which could start my midlife crisis any day now 😉 Most of those months, looking back, are a blurr of travelling to mainly Italy, working and sorting out the house. I am sure more happened, like with the kids and getting a treadmill. Funny how certain aspects of life just show through above most others. May was just another month flying past with a trip to Rome and final preparation for the move.




Summing up July, August and September I’d say: we worked on the house. Organising the removal of asbestos, a new front door, window repairs, garden tidying, removal of a shed, a new shed, removal of lots of rubbish, cleaning, new garage ceiling, decorating, new loo downstairs etc. Some didn’t get finished in that time period but closer to the end of the year, however it was a big project to move into that place. But it is ours now and we are happy. What else could we wish for?

My parents, particularly my dad was a great help and sitting here at the end of the year it is amazing to see how much we got done. The summer as most of this year was wet. Pending the next couple of days we might have the wettest year in Britain since records begun.
Oh we also went to a wedding, Colin started school and I injured my back doing weights. We re-homed one of our cats too.






Looking through my calendar there weren’t any big things in October. I believe life just continued in this month. I travelled a bit to Italy, was ill and couldn’t travel to Madrid but on the other hand tried to make an effort to do things with the kids every weekend. Our 5 year anniversary was due. We went for a “posh” country pub diner with live music. A treat for us 🙂

Life has changed so much since we started living together. From DINK (double income no kids) to one income, two kids and a mortgage ;-( I guess we moved from one to four bedrooms in the same time, from city flat to country life. No regrets. I sometimes wonder what the next five or fifteen years bring. I will go with the flow and will patiently wait.

Not sure when it was exactly but this guy doing the free fall from space still fascinates me. I cannot think of his name just now but what he does needs so much mental strength I cannot imagine. I hardly cope with two kids balling around me 😉 Lots of respect to him.


In November I got a bit reflective. Also, it was very cold that month. Maybe a month too early I looked back at this year and realised I put on a bit of a belly, hence I started running again, did my back in over the summer (getting old?) and now I was back to a routine of 5 am run in the garage and weights. Was I at the end of my goals? Is that it? Routine. End of life? Will I do that until I retire?

Certainly not! I have lots of energy left I need to release for good causes, and use my time to achieve more. Let’s see what 2013 has in stock for me. Needless to say that by writing this post, reflecting on this year and re-reading some of my old diaries, I learned a lot. I closed more chapters, wrote a few cards to people that are important to me, and trying to close a few more conversations I had. Yes, a bit sentimental, a bit morbid thinking I need to tell people what I think before I die. Not really running out of time soon I hope. Anyway. Done.

2013 is year which I think will be very important for me. For us. For the family and myself. Both in terms of settling into the new life, but also for me progressing in my career and life ambitions.


December just flew past. A week in the office, a week in Boston and a week full of Christmas parties prior to a two week break. Decembers are like that. Probably a good thing.


Overall a good year. I learned a lot and met a huge amount of new people, in the new place but also through work. Some great influencers and key industry folk. Loving it.

We stayed healthy but my back which improved a lot from October. It is almost where it was. That is without counting various bugs and viruses of course.
We started working out again and getting into a routine to exercise. My belly will eventually go, aim is to be back at an ideal weight around my 36th birthday. Darn, I better get going 😉
We found friends in the new place, and so did the kids. They are settling in well. We do too and have fantastic neighbours. Gladly we stay in touch with our old neighbours who we met again this weekend.

I am very grateful for what we have and how we live. I am blessed with two healthy if handful of boys. I am delighted to share my life with the most amazing, intelligent and beautiful woman ever.

The world didn’t end in 2012. So I am looking forward to add a dog to the family in 2013 (subject to approval by my beloved wife), settle more into our country life (maybe get this Landrover Defender?) and make the job I have the success it deserves. Also I would like to take on some more extracurricular activities. There is a club I might join or find another one that might suit me. We shall see. Loads to do! 2012 with the move and things put me a bit in stealth mode for next year.

BRING IT ON! Onwards and Upwards!!!

All the best to you and your family for 2013.

Love and Happiness from my corner of the world.


Sunday Column (148)


I hope you started the New Year off well. All the best for 2012.

Let’s continue with my 2011 review rather than trying to predict anything for 2012 and tell you that I want to loose more weight, eat healthier and spend more time with the family….

Half time – July saw our first family holiday to the New Forest. Whilst only for a week it was great to get out. I gave up on my “precious moments” posts. Google+ launched, I went to Germany, and did a whole lot of things in one month. Going through the archive, this has been a busy month with on average 1 blog post a day!

In August I gave up drinking. Also, I was bored and thought a lot about my life and directions. I love those months where you have time for doing that. The thought sticking in my mind is that some people just come into your life for a reason, for a limited time or forever. One other highlight of what we did was to join MyDaddyCooks at a show at London Bridge.

September kick started the season of shows. dmexco in Germany and ATS (Ad Trading Summit) in London showed that RTB (real time bidding) is the future of online marketing. A joy to be part of this development and I am grateful to be in the position I am in. The following months have seen publications and thoughts from myself about the industry, RTB and what is there to come. I feel confident and joyful in the field of RTB and see much growth – I am very excited for 2012….at the very latest. When RTB becomes the only measurement and booking technique for media, then things will clearly take off. Onwards and upwards.

October – autumn. We went to Germany. It was a great trip and I enjoyed driving as much as you could enjoy driving. However, it was our last trip with our car as it ended in us needing a new transmission. You can read the ongoing rants about KwikFit who turned out to be quite good in accommodating our costs, and the hiccups we had on the way. However, the car was not to be saved, and maybe should have never been driven to Germany in the first place. But as things happen, they happen. And we have been without a car ever since. I am sure we get a new one next year but I am not sure yet. I don’t miss a car, and I don’t think it is very important to us either. But it would be a lot more convenient. We shall see, I have my eyes on a few models like the Ford Galaxy, the Mercedes Benz R350 or the Chrysler Voyager. And, of course I could imagine getting another Volvo XC90. Why not. I loved that car.

November saw me being promoted to a new job at work. I took on the responsibility for three offices in total: Italy, Spain and the UK. I am really doing a dual role as Managing Director in the UK and VP International Sales. But I enjoy it and help is on its way for 2012. I enjoy the travel and getting away from the family, my day to day job and London for a day or two a week. Of course I don’t like the extra burden I put on my wife and leaving her with the kids. But in all honesty, it is usually one night I am away which doesn’t count for much less time away than being stuck in the office for 2 or 3 evenings a week. It surely made November pass very quickly.

Will 2012 be that bad? I hope not!
Will 2012 be that bad? I hope not!

December. What should I say? We got fibre optic broadband, a new stereo and a new bed. All well planned for Christmas and in unison with our plans that we potentially have to move next year to get Colin into a better school in 2013. Another year came to an end. I managed to have a few 30 days challenges, lost 3 kg lately and made it under 100kg again. I still want to get into a routine of exercise if Rohan sleeps through the night. I still want to write my book “my life” at some point. My life moved into the clouds and Steve Jobs got me hooked on Apple from his grave – yes this year has changed me and admittedly Steve was a great influence.

We got curtains this year, we cleared the loft, we painted the fence, we lost our car, we had our 2nd son, we didn’t win the lottery but a few quid, and I re-potted the plants. Life was just normal. We got more toys, got rid of old ones and trying to stay on top of the boys, sorting out routines, doing a good job, being a good mum and dad, and we are trying to contribute our bit to society. We are living the dream 🙂

In January I wrote about 2011: “I want to do more sports. I know I have to incorporate exercise in my daily routine, lose weight, get fit, get rid of my back pain and get fit again. Not only for me but also for the kids.
I have to stop overeating, stop smoking cigars and stop drinking alcohol altogether. The hang over this morning was the worst this year, so I might as well stop for the next 12 months. I instead will meditate every night, practise Tai Chi, and be a good boy.
And most days, I will just live. Just eat, drink and sh* as normal.”

I guess that is it. 2012. Yes, the Olympics are in town. I will be travelling a lot more with work. We probably buy and move into a new house. God knows where I write my review for the coming year. And if I do. But I didn’t want to get morbid 😉 But seriously, does anyone know what life will bring for us? Let’s do the best in order to live as long as possible and necessary for our kids. And, let us enjoy Christmas parties like this year with the whole family getting together. Those are getting rarer. Let’s embrace the single moments. The here and now.

I look forward to this year.

And now, just imagine for a short moment, that we had lived on Mars. Not only would we have to wait over another 300 days before we could celebrate our next year, we also would have only been in the middle of this one. Weird ey?

Whatever comes, let us embrace life.

All the best to you and your family for 2012.
Volker & family

Sunday Column (45)

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow I start my new job and I am very excited about it. What is it I am going to do?
I will launch a German company into the UK market. The company is a technology service provider that connects to ad exchanges in order to optimise the bought media based on the clients’ KPIs. Using the potential of display advertising with the effectiveness of search marketing. I am very excited to tell you all more about media optimisation and a new field of online and digital marketing shortly!

However, a quick review of the week. After a very nice Christmas, my mother in law left us on Sunday. And, after a few days of drinking and eating, I decided to detox. Not like I normally would by not eating for 3 days and only having fruit and vegetable juices, but at least no alcohol for three days. I gave up coffee for 2.5 days but got a headache and thought I’d rather have one. But, I also focused on food that helped my body to rejuvenate, e.g. fresh vegetables and lots of orange juice.

My wife was an absolute star this week and re-sealed most of our windows and doors. The sealant had come loose over the years and we decided it was time to renew it. Also, the cats chew some off. Since she doesn’t trust in my DIY skills (I wonder why ;-)), I spent most of the day with the boy whilst she was doing the job. And a good job she did. Thank you so much.

We spent New Year’s Eve with our old neighbours who recently moved down the road. We had a lovely cheese fondue and a few glasses of wine, cognac, whisky and Martinis. A wonderful night which lasted into the early morning.

I don’t need to outline how I felt on New Year’s day? Just as every year on the 1st of January 🙂 Knackered! Not even too hungover, but with Colin we had to get up as usual, no lie in. A long walk to feed the ducks with the left over bread from the fondue and an early night sorted me out fine.

The weekend passed quickly. I tried to enjoy the time I had with Colin, knowing that I won’t see him that often as I had done in the last few weeks. As much as I enjoyed being off work, not only do I have to get back to work for financial reasons, it is time to kick start the new year with the next step in my career. And, I am very excited to make this company work and grow in the UK. One of the biggest challenges I had yet.

Have a good start back to work! An early morning Tai Chi session in the park sorted me out fine. May you have a mind like water and find, as Anthony Robbins said, stay guard to the door of your mind. This way you are in control of your life.

Love and Kindness.