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Sunday Column (21)

Time seems to fly, doesn’t it? I keep saying that every week. This was my first full week at my new job and I really enjoy it. I believe it is the first job change where I change within my expertise, working in the field of Search Marketing, Social Media and Digital. And, I really enjoy my new colleagues, the office, the work, just everything. On Tuesday I was supposed to meet a friend in Soho. I tried finding him, but instead I ended up in a studio where they did some nude paintings. Not that I minded, but was kind of confused. Guess that is Soho for you, you never know what’s behind the next door. Unfortunately, I never found my friend who I still believe was the model 🙂 On Thursday I noticed my progress in Tai Chi after practicing almost every day. I have been getting into a routine to do a 10 minute practice session every morning before I go to work. Not on Thursday though. I slept in and only got up a 7.44, leaving me 20 minutes to catch my train. Luckily my neighbour gave me a lift and I made it in time.

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