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Sunday Column (215)

This week has been an interesting one. I finally got over (most of) the viral infections and felt a lot better. It has been warmer also with some patches of rain but lots of garden time for the kids already. All that is great. Sunshine in Eastbourne and open windows at night. Spring is in the air. Coffees outside. On Monday, as normal these days, I spend the whole day in internal meetings catching up on everything. On Tuesday I attended a conference in Eastbourne, speaking, meeting and discussing top level as well as granular digital strategies and trends. I met a lot of cool, interesting, useful, inspiring and helpful people. The only issue is that you normally drink too much and by the time you are home on Wednesday, you just try to frantically catch up with two days of work. All well worth it. I kept my Thursday as clear as possible but had to prepare a speaking engagement for next week. Whilst I love doing this, presenting and being at conferences, I never get too much sales done like I used to. Deep down I am a sales person, the hunter and go-getter. However, over the past

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Sunday Column (169)

What a week. Sunny weather in London. Full pubs. All flags up for the Diamond Jubilee. Britain is enjoying the summer and it’s Britishness. I cannot imagine to live in any other town or country at the moment. Of course that comes at a time when we finally exchanged contracts on our new house and we will be moving in 2 weeks time. Work seems to dominate my life at the moment. So additionally to a lot of stress with the solicitors regarding the house, organising the move etc, it seems that since we got taken over in December, it is like a new job. And my job changed again just now. I might not work long hours at the moment unless I am travelling where I put in two-day-days but that will change soon too. It is very draining though and exhaustive to plan, put together strategies and organise a few things I cannot speak about here. Anyway – it has been 2.5 years since I started at my current job and I made a very conscious decision to turn off my phone and not to check any emails or voicemails for the 2 weeks when I go on

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Sunday Column (132)

Another week, and…what a week. It seems as if the summer vacation is over. This week saw the return of my busier days at work. And at home. My MIL stayed until Wednesday and she was a great help. We had to go to hospital for a check up for Rohan on Monday, and things turned out to be alright. So all good, everyone healthy, everyone happy. Although you don’t expect things to be bad, you never know and you are actually worry, maybe only unconsciously. Tuesday I had a great meeting with a new part of a new part of our industry. I think things are developing very quickly and already have an opinion piece in mind. However, the one thing that really bugged me this week was time. So I have to be patient and hopefully I can put something together next week. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Neither at work, nor at home. After a full day at work I went out with friends on Wednesday night. On Thursday we had a team night out, resulting in me being away two nights a week. That itself wasn’t too bad. But having

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