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pedometer – week in Spain

Now, I wanted to keep you updated on the pedometer successes. After one week the following results are shown: Wednesday last week on a trip around an old town in Spain: 15,770 steps. Thursday last week, another trip around a town in Spain: 13,956 steps. Friday last week, another trip around a town and the first night of the fiesta: 12,582 steps. Saturday, 12,243 and Sunday only 8,896 steps – maybe too long of a siesta 🙂 It picked up again the next day and even yesterday where I mostly travelled on the plane, I got over 10,000 steps, which is the goal. Not sure if I keep it up but I believe in London it should not be a problem. The pedometer really is addictive, you look at it, it encourages you to reach the 10,000 steps a day and you feel good about it. Now, all I have to change is eating too much, e.g. 10,000 steps do not burn 10,000 calories 😉 I keep you posted. Volker

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Weight loss, Amazon, Pedometers and the walk…

This post is related to a few different topics. First things first. Like so many out there it is time for me to shed some weight after I initially lost a few kilos prior to my wedding. See post last year. We now have this excellent book about weight loss, the weight loss bible which we ordered at Amazon UK. Reading this book I needed to get a pedometer. Really, I am obsessed to make my 10,000 steps a day. To do that, supposedly, is as good as moderate exercise. No more gym, just walking, up the escalators of the tube, down the stairs, around the park, up the stairs in the office, no more lifts… So, before I thought which one to buy, I found one at Google….actually, Matt Cutt was blogging about an Omron Pedometer that comes with a software! Wow, I thought. If the guys from Google use it, then I should have one (no, I am not obsessed with Matt’s blog but like reading about his gadgets!). A quick look to Amazon UK gave me this result. None available with Software. Never mind, I thought, why not order it from Germany? Amazon Germany gives you this

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