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Sunday Column (508)

I want to start with giving thanks this week and share some personal notes. My grandmother turned 98 today and it gives me great satisfaction to see that life is still good for her. On the other spectrum someone I know lost his mother, and in a Facebook post he said ‘you taught me everything I know but how to live without you’. Isn’t that true? Whilst all of that happened, I wrote a card to someone close who was diagnosed with cancer. That’s life for you.

Hence this week might be a good post to read and have some take away from it. A post from me wearing a coaching hat, hoping to help you to develop yourself. I want to talk about focus. A topic I have been looking at for a few months now. Focus is something I am applying to more and more areas of my life. My old manager used to say, “focus, fight and change the conversation”. If you are anything like me, a productivity buff, family person, ambitious, career oriented, and interested in a variety of topics, you can easily lose yourself in it.

As most of you know, I recently started my new job, a new beginning. Sometimes I forget about this blog being public, as for me blogging is my creative outlet, something I enjoy doing. Sharing my thoughts, getting them on ‘paper’. So it was nice to hear that some new colleagues read my blog too!

Without clear focus and priority, I cannot do everything I would like to do. If I’d try to do everything, I’d probably end up doing nothing right plus I’d run out of time. And that’s not the standard I live by. It wouldn’t align with my values. I want to be the best I can be in anything I do.

One of my podcast guests ask the other day, ‘who are you’? Can you answer the question, on how you define who you are? My answer would be that I am someone who loves his career, and achieving. Security is important for me. Something I get a whole lot from is helping others and making a difference. There is more to it but that’s a summary.

The best personal development book I have read for a long time, and I highly recommend it, is ‘The code of the extraordinary mind’. Along other things, a key take away is that happiness MUST be the basis for anything you do. Don’t live in the future, live in the now, be happy now, then build a career on top of it. Because, so he argues, happiness cannot be tied to your goals. You must be happy before you attain them. Have a think about it. For me, it seems that this book concludes a personal development path, what is next?

This is where I think life becomes clear. The next is the now for me. Do things that make you happy. Enjoy the people you hang out with, the job you spend most of your time with, and the family situation you are in. Set yourself goals, one at a time, and attain them out of a happy state. Don’t chase your tail!

If I look at my life, I noticed that I had too many things going on in order to focus properly on the things that are important. This includes my job, my family life, my podcast, my marathon in November and its time commit as well as reading personal development books. Not to mention the book(s) I want to write and other things I want to do like building another Revel model. All that whilst being in the flow at work and life? Surely….FOCUS!

What do you think? What are your areas of focus, and what might have to give to be in the happy state? Get into the flow, the happy state, and start attaining your goals from there. You will soon see how you will become more successful.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Lots to think about isn’t it? Don’t we just love life? I certainly do!

See you next week,


Dear Diary 🙂

Yes, my wife is away for the weekend, so like a schoolboy I was wondering what I could get up to….

Not much really. After the usual Friday night bottle of wine I went to the gym this morning and came back to trying to migrate my Buddhism and Management Blog. However, due to some server issues I need to wait until tomorrow to finalise things 🙁 Hopefully anyway.

So I updated my homepage of my consultancy: cb consulting. How do you like it?

Now, the sun is shining and I need to do some reading in anticipation of our child and also, I need to watch some action movies my wife does not like.

What are you doing this Saturday?

London Night – London Day

It is almost 1 am on a Sunday morning and I got some time to check my emails, visitors to my blog and the usual crack on facebook etc.

I probably should be in bed, but then again, sometimes it is nice to sit up at night and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Today, rather early this morning, family came over from Germany to visit us. Their plane was over 4 hours delayed. We still managed a fabulous day in London. We did our “usual” tour, e.g. we walked from Waterloo passing the London Eye to Westminster, Downing Street, Horse Guards, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Soho, Trafalgar Square. Wow, 13 km, over 15,000 steps. So good exercise as well.

I have not done this for about a year, so me showing people London is quite satisfying. I love London and it is great to show people around and point out all those little things and great things about the city you live in.

It is late now. I had a few whiskys, so overall, I better go to bed. However, you cannot and will not beat a night and a day out in London Town.

Good Night,