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Productivity Of Life – Book Launch

Today I launched my book. This of course is very exciting. Whilst I publish my blog for many years, putting a book together, going through the process of doing so, and putting it in the public domain is quite a scary yet exciting and pleasing process. I have done it. Now I hope you will enjoy my book which I called “Productivity Of Life“. The links go to the UK and US site of Amazon. You should be able to search for the title in your country’s Amazon Kindle shop and find it. If not, please give me a shout! I had the idea in my head for a long time and was hoping to launch it sooner. The formatting was a bit complicated as I originally wrote it with Google Documents and then formatted it via Microsoft Word (I recommend you read the Kindle guidelines before attempting similar). For now I will leave it as an eBook. Also I was wondering how I would price it. So I went for the minimum really to give it a value and to not give it away for free. And I do believe this book can add value to your life. However

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Life Life Balance

Triggered by an article in the New York Times, I thought I pick up on some thoughts re life life balance. I have written about work life balance before. Both when discussing the move towards the South coast and regarding jobs and personal development. I prefer the term life life balance as we don’t balance work and life, we essentially balance our life. Actually, there is a reason why I am so interested, and to my mind very good, in productivity. I get a lot more things done than others in less time and know when and where I can get things done. What do I mean by that? On a normal day I get up at 5 am. Check any important emails, check for podcasts or video on demand services, and go on the treadmill for 30 minutes to catch up on those. Following that I have a small healthy breakfast whilst catching up on the news, shower and be out of the door for my half seven train. My 50 minute train journey is different every day. Depending on my work load I might nap in the morning, catch up on emails, google reader, read a book, write

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Sunday Column (161)

I think I have one resolution from this week: I give up sleep. I had a good night on Monday night. Tuesday I left early to the airport, the hotel in Milan was awful, and Thursday night as well as Friday night the kids woke us up, stayed in our bed and you just don’t get a good night’s sleep. Luckily my parents were here at the weekend, so I squeezed in a quick snooze to catch up 😉 But honestly, I thought things would get better. And on top of it, if you had as much as two glasses of wine, you feel even worse. Not hangover, but just knackered. What a hectic busy week on top of that! Honestly, I was in Milan and realised that by the time I was back, sleep excluded, I spend 30 solid hours working. Given the rest of the week was pretty normal, I probably came close to about 60 hours this week. I am getting very busy again. But I enjoy that, and I am very productive. It is not about the quantity of hours you spend at work but the output. You remember my presentation about productivity? Or here, a

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