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Sunday Column (138)

The saga continued with our Volvo. In a good way I suppose, as the Volvo garage found the problem. The bad news are twofold. One is that Kwik Fit put one part in wrongly which could have had awful consequences, but luckily Volvo noticed. The other bad news was that we need to bring the car back for a bigger repair which unfortunately will be quite pricey.

Now it brings the question back whether a car is necessary or whether it is a luxury. Whether we should get a different car or keep ours. Whether or not we might want to get rid of the car. For now, I suppose, we stick with ours until we don’t need rear facing car seats any longer. After that, we might change to a smaller model or to hired cars when going somewhere. We shall see.

Enough about cars. Work was good this week, as always. Quite a hectic start to the week with some great meetings but with success too 🙂 Happy days.

Colin didn’t feel well this week. He has Foot-Mouth-Hand disease, a mild virus infection. This is totally harmless but might explain why I feel a bit under the weather for the past few weeks. Or as my wife said on Monday “You look worst I have ever seen you”, referring to the dark shadows under my eyes. Maybe I don’t sleep enough, or work too hard, or I am just exhausted.

Rohan started crawling forwards this week. That is fantastic and I anticipate him starting to walk around Christmas time. It is crazy to see how quickly the boys grow up. Anyone I speak to says that. Before you know it they leave the house. Does that mean, I am old before I know it?

There is so much more to write about this week, and a lot more personal thoughts. I will do that for next week’s blog in greater detail, as I have been quite busy this weekend. That is good I suppose. I managed some quality time with the family.

I guess that’s all for this week folks. Sorry for the rather short summary; promise to have a full catch up next week.

Have a good one.