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I may die today…

Some people might call me crazy for this thought but I got it out of this new book I am reading, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s “Transform your Life“. So far I have only read a few chapters about Inner Peace and Karma. Also, I love the Buddhist thoughts about reincarnation. And, that if you don’t have fear, you don’t have to worry about your life….and your death. So by saying this mantra, that I may die today, I take off all the fear. But what is happening? In our samsara, the rebirth cycle in which we are born to different levels depending on our karma and previous lives, we travel from one life to another. We wouldn’t remember any of it consciously, and re-birth might not take place for a while. However, the more stressed and fearful you are about the next one, the less likely you go from this life with a good karma – that is additional to everything else you might have done in your life. By thinking that you might die today, you are not saying you will or won’t. All you are saying is that you should be prepared for it. So if it happens, go

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