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Wine for just over £10 – Glorioso Rioja

I have been careful with Rioja lately but my wife decided to pick the Glorioso Rioja from Oddbins. And, I have to admit, a good choice. glorioso rioja It reminded her and me of our holiday in Spain where we had fabulous Rioja.

Oddvins charges 11.99 unless you buy in dozens. This Rioja is made in a traditional style (they say) and tastes like a nice Rioja should taste: liquorice and dried fruits, round and persistent in the mouth with ripe tannis. I would call it a medium to dark bodied wine. It is of course made from the Tempranillo grapes and aged for 36 months, then afterwards for another 12 months in French oak barrels, hence the Reserva aspect 😉

With 13.5% it is a bit on the heavy side but I believe the 2003 wines from Spain are.

I think this is definitely a wine we would buy again, with a nice Sunday roast or just with a few slices of cheese and jam, Serrano ham and olives. Just need some hotter weather 🙂

Wine for under £10 – Gestos

Today I want to write about another wine for less than £10. Wine for under ten pounds is sometimes difficult to judge. Hence I want to introduce a few here to make you aware of the better ones out there.

Finca Flichman makes an excellent Shiraz from Argentina. Waitrose sells them for just under seven pounds and the special one I have is a 2007 Gestos Shiraz where 50% of the grapes are from 1,100 meters and the other 50% from 700 meters. So the blend is of Shiraz riped under the cold and bright climate which gives the wine freshness, structure and complexity. But the other half gives it colour, density and volume through a stormy and sunny environment.

Gestos Shiraz

With 13.5% alcohol it is a heavy wine but goes very well with strong cheese, like a lot of Mendoza wines. However, although the wine was aged in new American and French oak barrels the intensity of oak is very small. Might be because they only leave them in there for less than 6 months.

So overall, a heavy but still easy drinking wine. With a BBQ or meat dish it would be excellent but also on its own accompanied by some nice strong cheese. If you open the bottle, you are quite likely to finish it easily, so watch out 😉

Understudy Cabernet Petit Verdot

I went to oddbins the other day and wanted to try some new red wines. I like my heavy reds.

I was talking about it yesterday, e.g. that I would open some wine before heading out. Giving me the excuse to have a drop to lighten up, and to have only half a bottle on a Sunday before I go back to work.

So I opened: Pertaringa, McLaren Vale, Understudy Cabernet Petit Verdot, 2004.


80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Petit Verdot. Very nice!

I am normally not the greatest fan of Australian wines but the McLaren Vale ones are coming along great. Fruity, heavy and just as described on their website: perfumed nose with violets and Turkish Delight particularly associated with Petit Verdot, underscored by blackcurrant and spice with earthy nuances. The palate indulges with luscious rich flavours of blackcurrant, blackberry and stewed rhubarb. A well structured wine rounded off by well integrated oak characters and supple tannins.