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Sunday Column (309)

Early February and if there is no other event than family birthdays that determine February, I don’t know. My dad and my auntie have their birthday, my cousin one removed (?) and of course my wife. It is Valentine’s Day too.

But the biggest birthday, yet smallest in numbers yet, is my youngest son’s birthday, at the same day as my dad.

It is a date and birth-day I won’t forget in my lifetime. It was at the peak of my social media career, just when I moved from (search) agency to media provider, that Rohan was born. Well documented on Twitter and Facebook, he didn’t make an appearance until late at night or early morning to be precise. Quickly he came, and I thought I had all the guts to hold him, would be a confident dad having my second son.

Instead, I was numb, curious yet scared to hold him. Him who one day shall succeed me, be ‘king of the castle’ and carry on the family traditions and hopefully will have kids himself. How could I be scared? Have I not done it all before?

Yet, and most people who have more than one child might agree, the second one is always easier and within a few hours my non confidence was overcome by routine. Cuddles, nappies and calming him to sleep. The ones with more than two will most probably be laughing yet for me, two were enough (work). I am very proud of both of them. Started teaching the older one chess, and both how to behave.

Looking back this week, celebrating his birthday party this weekend with 20 kids, I am amazed how a four year old can be such a charmer, friend, clown and serious person at the same time. Cuddly yet stirn, curious yet determined, angry and pleasant.

Where has the time gone? Where will you be in a few years time? Will you be the monster truck driver, the police man, the fire fighter or just the charming little man I see today? You probably grow to be taller than your dad, smarter and more driven to achieve your goals. Coached by me, nurtured by your mother, I think you might turn into a superhero after all πŸ˜‰ As long as you be yourself. I will ever only be guidance but you need to live your life and make your own decisions.

Whatever that means for you. Running away with 14, world travel with 16 or elite university with 17 – I don’t mind. As long as you are happy, content and value the right things, the ones we teach you and the ones you come up yourself. Things you value in your life. A healthy mix of traditional and new values, and we hope you retain your charm and openness. Your trust and caution.

Rohan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your 4th “anniversary”. I cannot tell you how much I love you and how much it means to me to get those incredible hugs from you. Making up for the missed very first one. Every single day. Every single birthday. As long as I can guide you.


Sunday Column (154)

Wow, wow….we bought a house. Sounds simple and sounds good but of course everything can still go wrong. I am still debating whether to post pictures, but for the time being I will not. It all happened quite quickly. We accepted an offer last week on our property, went to Hassocks to look at properties last weekend, and on Monday we made an offer which got accepted. Looks chain free; looks like it might be going through smoothly and quickly. Fingers crossed we are in the new place for Easter! Wow.

I guess these news are enough for a week. As you can imagine our heads are going wild about ideas what we could do and how. Our heads are planning furniture, fittings, garden design and what all we could do with the garage. It is this mind game. But there is no deal until you got the keys.

The rest of the week was ok. Work is busy as usual but I had a few quiet days this week which was welcomed. However, Thursday I went to Admonsters conference (blog post to follow), an industry event around real time bidding, display and biddable media. Great to speak to a few leading industry heads and discuss current issues of the industry.

Friday I had a day off work. Rohan had his first birthday – so I spent the day taking Colin to school, taking the family out for lunch, and then we had a birthday party. Not big. A few friends, about 7 kiddies and some home made cake. I don’t know how mothers cope but I found it very tiring. But it was great fun too.

I started enjoying days off work more. This has nothing to do with work itself but that I embrace family life more. The HTC I have still seems to think that I should read my emails despite saying “don’t sync”. That and some other features I don’t like lead me to finally get myself an iPhone and use the HTC for work purposes only. This way I can actually turn work off if I am not working. Something I wanted to do for a long time, and I think I will benefit from a clearer work life balance.

To add to this misery I got a Samsung Galaxy Android tablet from work. No, I am not complaining. I love it. But it gets me into a situation of whether I will spend money on an iPad or not….decisions decisions. I guess it depends how much I am going to like the iPhone and whether I really want to carry 2 phones, 2 tablet PCs and one laptop with me…. – ok I stop. Even the thought of two phones annoys me already….

I guess this pretty much sums up the week. A good week. A positive week!

We had friends over this afternoon for some more birthday celebrations and adult catch up. Life seems to be on hold sometimes. I was just told that a birthday party I vividly remember was already 2 years ago. Where has time gone. With the job, the two kids, now the house and all, I think that Christmas is just around the corner πŸ˜‰

Scary thought!

Have a good one,

Happy Birthday Rohan

12 months or 365 days. Happy Birthday Rohan W. Ballueder.

It seems as if it was yesterday that your mother and I went to hospital for mum to be induced. Granny was looking after your older brother and I was blogging about your birth. You were a true social media baby. No one understood me really. And today I am not allowed to put pictures of you up on my blog no more πŸ™ Maybe rightly so.

In the last 12 months I remember two nights, besides the few I was abroad, that I slept through. You seem to like the routine of a 2 am feed, a 3 am cuddle, a 4 am feed and a 6 am wake up call. All or a combination of those hours. Whether it is that you don’t like to eat as much as your brother or you are a light sleeper like your dad, I don’t know.

I wish for you to start sleeping through the night. I wish that for all of us πŸ™‚ You also like to get up early, but walking is not yet important. However, you are curious about anything that is going on. Rightly so.

You only cry when there is something wrong. You are most content, friendly with strangers and cuddly. Easy to please. May this continue.

I often imagine how your character turns out. What you will be like. But given the experience with your brother, I am enjoying every moment with you. Those precious 4 am cuddles no one else gets. No one in this world is allowed to cuddle you at this time. I get your full attention, your full unconditional love.

Rohan, happy birthday. Maybe many years from now your read this with one part of you laughing at your sentimental dad, the other part of you crying, wishing for your own child. Just don’t get grandpa up at 4 am πŸ˜‰

I love you. I hope I can provide you the future you deserve. Give you the love and happiness you need.

Many happy returns.

Your daddy.

Sunday Column (105)

Another Sunday, another week has gone past.

Monday was my wife’s birthday. So despite the rainy weather we went to London and I even managed to find my wife a wee present, a necklace from Satya Jewelry in Covent Garden. Very nice stuff they go there. Colin and Rohan both coped well going into London, and overall we had a fantastic day. We didn’t go to the transport museum as Colin was sleepy but hope to do that when Rohan’s godfather is visiting us in a few weeks time.

Tuesday was a busy day at work with our accountant being in. We managed to clear a lot of back logs and got a lot of work done. Sorting out processes, growing the company and managing things – I really enjoy what I am doing. The rest of the week wasn’t much different, and I enjoy our new staff and new “breeze” at work. We are busy to say the least.

On Thursday I went to visit the Data Economy Summit organised by the exchangewire – it was good to see that the industry is speaking about data, but I think we are far from a solution yet. Well done to the organisers though, but I think at the same time next year it will be a more interesting discussion.

The dominating thing at the moment in life is Rohan. Not because he is so new but because he wants to be fed and having attention at night times. Just when you think you have a routine and he doesn’t wake you in the deep sleeping phase, he does exactly that. Just when you think he will be ok because you have an important meeting the next day, you are up all night. I am not complaining but just wondering how my wife, and all mothers for that matter, are coping with the constant attention two babies/toddlers need. It is amazing, wonderful and utterly tiring πŸ˜‰

Coffee – this needs to be mentioned. After my old coffee grinder broke, I got myself a new one. I was debating whether I should or not, but in the end I did it. And, I got myself a filter cone and paper filter for fresh ground filter coffee. They take too long to deliver but hopefully next week I should enjoy my first brew. I stocked up on some freshly ground espresso from my most favourite shop too: Drury. So my obsession with coffee continues for a while. Maybe or most probably because of the night shifts.

A last word about Colin. He is rebellious, throwing things and kicking his brother. It is tough to educate him and tell him what to do and what not to do. Some days he is great, some days he is awful. Luckily the good days succeed the bad days, and he kisses his brother and helps feeding him (or trying to). So weekends are less for relaxation these days but to be the family dad. I am still getting used to it.

Roll on another week, and another week without sleep πŸ˜‰

Best Wishes,