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AdMonsters European Publisher Forum Berlin 2013

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to put the programme together for a part of the industry that was new to me. A steep learning curve for someone working mainly on the demand side, I chaired the programme of the European Publisher Forum in Berlin. So

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The Future Of The RTB Digital Industry (1/2)

Triggered by my recent redundancy I thought I put some thoughts together of what’s happening in our industry from my perspective. In my little part of the digital industry, in the world of programmatic decision making and big data. Whilst I keep myself busy uncovering the European publisher market and

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#opsmarkets Admonster Event London February 2012

I wrote about the last London Admonster event before. So today I want to continue writing about the Admonsters February 2012 event in London which took place last week. Note, whilst I am working for mexad, a DataXu company, this opinion is my own. The event was set in East

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