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Inbound Marketing for SMEs

I wrote a lot about inbound marketingg before. Mainly for start ups and SMEs in London. Most of the stuff is applied from the gurus in the field: the guys from Hubspot! As part of my consulting offer, I offer advice for SMEs on how to effectively use social media, search marketing and “inbound marketing” as a tool to succeed in their business ventures. A strategy I am using at work too. Whilst I won’t take this mainstream and will always look into being full time employed with my main job. Here is the latest slideshare presentation on inbound marketing I put together: Inbound Marketing cb Consulting View more documents from Volker Ballueder. Have a great weekend. Volker

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Twitter – first recap

Hello All, The phenomenom Twitter. What is it? A social network? A mini blog as you are limited to 140 letters? I am not sure yet. You remember me talking about it in August? I thought this network is all about people saying what they have for breakfast, lunch, when they take a poo, how much they had to drink on a Friday night etc. You remember this parody? Yes, I remember it well. Actually more funny  since I joined Twitter. How come? Why did I join? I thought, why not give it a go? First, I used it for updating my Facebook status. Using Twitbin, an add on to Firefox, I can update what I am doing whilst checking my emails or surfing the web. And, a lot of other people do the same. This is the interesting bit about it. You not only find me and others serving the web and sending links to new topics of, in my case, online marketing, search marketing and Buddhism, but you also find news sites sending you breaking news with links. So, I am always up to date what is happening. I can see our competitors announcing new services, or I

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shower curtain

Another sad story today. As you know I am working for a multilingual search marketing agency. Whilst this blog is totally private and has nothing to do with my job (most of the time anyway), I wanted to show how work and life can fit together 🙂 It might be a sad, geeky thing to have, but my shower curtain is a world map. I got it so I know which countries are where. Also, it gives me inspiration of where we can sell our services or where we can expand our services. Work life balance I guess 😉 Have a good Friday and a good weekend.

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