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Moving 16

The asbestos is gone.
The garage ceiling re-instated.
The freezer arrived, the old one was sold via eBay.
The pictures are up.
The door handles are on.
The fish tank is getting there.
The olive tree is in front of the house.

Next week the wardrobe arrives, the doors will be in shortly, the ceiling in the kitchen repaired, the new garden shed erected, and and and.

We are getting there.








Sunday Column (173)

Now, the first week back after a two week holiday was two-fold. On the one hand one I was busy catching up on things I had missed, on the other hand I was busy with things that needing done. If then one of the top company guys visits, one take on a new/old job, and changes ones routine…it can be a bit hectic. But I managed well I think.


But it was far from stressful I have to say. I still managed to keep my holiday spirit whilst getting up at 5:30 am to go running. I managed that twice his week. On top of that I managed one night ripping out the pond. It is a shame to do that but makes the garden a lot child friendlier. One needs to decide one way or another. My wife has been busy sorting the weeds too. And blinds went up in the kids room.

We ordered the council to collect rubbish next week. We got a lot of stuff we need to get rid of. Then we received a few quotes so that we can carry out the necessary repairs. We ordered some furniture, made plans for the rooms and hardly stood still sorting bits and pieces in order to settle in further.

The commute works out 90 minutes door to door. Means I am in the office for 9, leaving the house at 20 past seven. On the morning commute I manage a good chunk of reading, my emails and a 10 minute snooze between East Croydon and London Victoria. The tube isn’t too bad in the mornings either. However, in the evenings things are busier on the tube, trains are busier but so far I always managed to get a seat. I write this for instance sitting on a table on the train on Friday. I love having the iPad for my home journeys. I check and finish my emails for work on the Galaxy tab, then use the iPad for reading and everything else. Fantastic. The view from the window are horses, villages and GREEN.


20120622-181857.jpg You can hear that in the short period of time I started enjoying my life already. I get pictures send from the wife and boys at Brighton beach during the week, we get double yog eggs from local produce and have very friendly neighbours. We arrived. We are settling in. Thing are good. We are happy.

To be honest this sums the week up. Next week I surely will get annoyed at my first standing journey, some neighbours burning trash and people being stupid. For now I don’t care.

We went back to Beckenham on Sunday for a birthday party. It wasn’t odd and we met lots of old friends of which some we will see soon coming our way. I am actually confident they might move down towards us. Like we did when friends moved down here.

Of course it is not all about the place. Coming home at 8 or 9 and not seeing the kids is not great. For now I think the trade off is fine. You can’t have it all but it seems as if I got a lot one can wish for.

If now the weather was more like summer …

Have a good week,