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Sunday Column (89)

It has been a week of ups and mostly downs. The week started with great progress at work and fantastic, promising meetings. However, the magic day was Wednesday.

Wednesday, 10th of November 2010. I went to the doctors re my hips and knees and was “discharged” – no more problems or physical “disabilities”, e.g. shortness of one leg. So no more insoles, the doctor ok’d it. So it was a great start in the day, and it was sunny too. What could have changed that day. When I left the office just before 8 pm and went for a quick drink with my two colleagues I didn’t think anything would happen. But, between 21.15 and 21.45 someone managed to steal my laptop rucksack next to the chair I was sitting at. None of my colleagues or I noticed. And it was a heavy bag. What I don’t understand: I touched the bag with my foot every 2 minutes or so to make sure it was still there, the pub wasn’t busy and hence I didn’t think to remove my portable hard drive and put it in my jacket.

Hence at 21.45 I was stone sober again (after 2 glasses of wine) as I realised the work laptop, my hard drive, the internet dongle, my personal diary and notebook as well as the online banking code generator had disappeared. Also included in the bag were 12 Tesco bags from earlier shopping, my home insurance quote and Tony Blair’s book which I was about to finish. So if anyone can lend me the last 200 pages this would be much appreciated. Whilst I lost a lot of data most I could retrieve from our server, and emails are all stored server side. I am about to get a new laptop, still had a bag, and slowly getting my life back. But someone having betrayed me and taking things away from me, intruding my personal life, is just disgusting. I know I should have been less careless, e.g. I underestimated the danger of the situation (which I usually don’t, and I am usually very paranoid to watch my bag or even carry it to the toilet with me). Of course it is my mistake but it is scary to see how quickly people can come and steal things next to you without you noticing it. Onwards and upwards. All data was password protected, besides the person that stole is most likely sold it for drugs and wasn’t in the slightest interested in my holiday snaps, or could access them.

On a more funny side Colin decided this week to take my blackberry cover and hide it in the nappy bag. It took us a few hours to find it. He is great, growing up fast. He develops his own character, needing more attention and wants to be picked up, to be held, wants to see what is going on etc. It is fantastic. A friend of ours just got a son too, and it is great to see families growing. Unfortunately he seems to have a stomach bug but hopefully he will be good again soon.

I have to say, looking at the Wednesday experience, I wasn’t hurt, my family is healthy, and the chances of identity fraud are rather small (but possible of course). I am glad I didn’t get robbed, knifed or shot.

Anyway, I finished the week on a high with a visit from a very good friend from back home. Uwe stayed with us all weekend, and the 4+1 of us had a great time. Good to have seen you again, and thanks for coming all the way to see us. And, of course, thanks for helping me putting up those very expensive shelves. Even Jen admitted that it wasn’t my fault them falling down but it is the wall. Good to have friends, and even better if you were closer (or I was).

I believe next week can only get better, and of course busier.

Have a good one.