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Inbound Marketing for SMEs

I wrote a lot about inbound marketingg before. Mainly for start ups and SMEs in London.

Most of the stuff is applied from the gurus in the field: the guys from Hubspot!

As part of my consulting offer, I offer advice for SMEs on how to effectively use social media, search marketing and “inbound marketing” as a tool to succeed in their business ventures. A strategy I am using at work too. Whilst I won’t take this mainstream and will always look into being full time employed with my main job.

Here is the latest slideshare presentation on inbound marketing I put together:

Have a great weekend.

job search in the recession

Having started my new job, I wanted to wrap up a few thoughts on how to find a job in a recession. Is it easy?

First of all, nothing is easy and it all depends on 2 main factors: 1) your personal profile and 2) the industry you are in.

Given my professional profile which you can see on Linkedin, I was in a good position when I was made redundant from my old employer who I was working with for just short of 18 months. It was decided to close down the sales operations and the office in London. I was not able to relocate to the head office in York due to personal reasons and therefore didn’t have a choice but to look for a new job. My advantage was that my boss did know that I was looking for a job so that I could use all means of social media. If you secretly look for a job, you cannot put it into your Linkedin profile as a status update.

What really works? I believe having a strong profile on Linkedin supported by as many positive recommendations on the profile helps employers and recruitment consultants to get a first impression of my ability, experience and what people think of me. Changing my status daily with what kind of jobs I am seeking and “shouting out loud” to the community that I am seeking a new position, helps immense. Within no time I was contacted by many recruitment consultants and friends of friends. Bottom line: it is very helpful to have a strong network and position oneself in it.

What else helps? Other networks, like Xing – but preferably for the German market – and Twitter. On Twitter you don’t only have the opportunity to broadcast your search but also to widen your search by following companies and recruitment consultants in order to pick up open positions. Particularly in the online and digital marketing industry you want to be seen and use those channels to see what is going on.

However, nothing is as effective as the personal contact. Meeting people from your network, invite them for coffee, lunch or a cup of tea in order to discuss the industry and opportunities. That is money and time worth spend! Meeting people, companies and recruitment consultants face to face is very beneficial and gives you a good impression on what is happening in the industry and whether the consultant is serious. In all honesty, I was approached by many recruitment consultants but only the one I met face to face managed to help me getting my current job.

Facebook itself, by many used as a personal network, works limited for job searches. However, if you cannot connect with someone on Linkedin, you hardly manage on Facebook.

So, it is about inbound marketing – again 🙂 Broadcast your message of searching for a job in all available channels, particularly Twitter and Linkedin. Then back it up with a high flying profile that really shows off on how great you are.

And, last but not least, make a good impression in the interviews and convince them of your capabilities. You can have a polished CV and Linkedin profile, but you need to be able to put “money” where your mouth is (I hope you can use that expression in this context).

The biggest question, is it different in a recession to look for a job than it is if there isn’t a recession? I believe there are less jobs going and more applicants for each job. So it is harder to stand out and be seen and noticed. The latter was addressed in this article. You have to stand out from the crowd and be better than everyone else applying. And, that is the case in a recession as much as it is if we aren’t in a recession. But the jobs are getting less, and if you are in the banking or financial sector, a high profile might not even be enough to get you to an interview, as there aren’t any. But….we will soon be out of it. 2010 is being hailed as the year of recovery. Fingers crossed, and good luck.

Twitter Twitter Tools

Twitter seems to become more and more popular. And, you can check how well you are doing with that social media tool, too! Here is a list from justtweetit.

Volker’s Twitter Profile

The Twitter Grader by my friends from Hubspot puts me on rank 118,561 out of 1.2 m – not sure if that is good or not.

Tweetstats shows you not only the amount of tweets, but your density per day and who you tweet to most. Very useful tool.

Follow Cost is a tool that suggests how annoying it is to follow someone. I tweet on average about 4.1 times a day. So not too bad is it??

Have you ever wondered who follows you back and who doesn’t? You add all those people and then no one follows you back? Test the FriendorFollow Application! Really disappointed that some of my friends do not follow me back 🙁

@davidsegal and I are competing for followers at the moment. So best tool to use is TwitterLeague. It really shows you how much popular I am, lol!

And, ever wondered how much influence you have on Twitter? Try Twitter Influence. Very interesting to see how you compare. Similar to the Twitter Grader above really.

Last but not least I tested the Tweet Wheel! At least I tried. But Twitter timed out. Too many requests per hour, lol ;-( But I will try again and then post the results.

Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you like the tools or found better ones. Also, let me know how I compare, tweet it and follow me!

Volker Ballueder

Twitter – first recap

Hello All,

The phenomenom Twitter. What is it? A social network? A mini blog as you are limited to 140 letters? I am not sure yet.


You remember me talking about it in August? I thought this network is all about people saying what they have for breakfast, lunch, when they take a poo, how much they had to drink on a Friday night etc.

You remember this parody? Yes, I remember it well. Actually more funny  since I joined Twitter. How come? Why did I join?

I thought, why not give it a go? First, I used it for updating my Facebook status. Using Twitbin, an add on to Firefox, I can update what I am doing whilst checking my emails or surfing the web.

And, a lot of other people do the same. This is the interesting bit about it. You not only find me and others serving the web and sending links to new topics of, in my case, online marketing, search marketing and Buddhism, but you also find news sites sending you breaking news with links. So, I am always up to date what is happening.

I can see our competitors announcing new services, or I can see the Google linking to new add ons for Gmail. How awesome is that. It replaces some RSS feeds and it also gives me up to date information what is happening. You can use it on your smartphone or blackberry too.

How does it work? Simple: you get an account and start following people. I only follow 74 people and already think that is too much to read and follow, but there are people out there following well over 10,000 others.

Then, get engaged. Twitter to others, make comments, join the discussion:

  • @Twitterfriend I liked the link you send and I think we should meet for beer
  • Anyone else at Hong Kong Airport, why not go for diner
  • @Twitternofriend Your link is boring, but check out this one

And soon people will follow you. 41 followers I got. But, I am not twittering that much really. And, most of the stuff I twitter about is not that interesting for others.

Who can help you with twitter?  The guys from Hubspot have done some awesome webinars on it and can tell you a lot about social media marketing.

So, join Twitter today and don’t forget to follow me!