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Twitter (once again)

How many followers do you have? Do you follow XYZ? Twitter is getting more and more popular with the amount of followers getting more and more important. Often I get a lot of people following me because I write keyword rich. Examples are to tweet about the International Search Summit

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Inbound Marketing for SMEs and Start-Ups

I read a fantastic article from Rand the other day on his blog of SEOmoz. Really interesting. I summarised it for myself as “Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools work but only up to a certain extend” and thought of myself about inbound marketing once again. So let me

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How many web services do you need?

My friend Don K posted an article on Facebook and I would like to share this article with you. It is about how many web services one person can use? I agree. Looking at myself: at least 2 email addresses I check privately 1 email at work Facebook Linkedin Xing

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